5 Reasons Social Media is important for SEO

What exactly does social media have to have to do with SEO? At MWI we hear this a lot from the current and potential clients. Social media is a fast growing channel for marketing that most businesses have only begun using in the past few years, however it’s essential to utilize it when you’re investing efforts in search engine optimization. Making and managing social media accounts are extremely important to assist in SEO efforts, even though the benefits may not be immediately evident. From the myriad of reasons you should think about social media as a part of your overall strategy to be online, here are 5 reasons why it is essential to SEO.

1) Social Media Signals
It’s no secret that Google, Bing and other major search engines have been using online dialogue in their ranking algorithms for quite some period of time. When people tweet, like or comment on a piece of content, this is called a social engagement. A piece of content that has more social engagements is likely to have more social signals. Search engines measure these social signals, and consider it an index of quality when ranking content. This is a way for search engines to decide what people find most useful and also what they consider to be as high-quality. If something receives a lot of engagement on social media the content can be indexable.

2) Link Building
It’s long gone from the time when you could solicit links from other websites. With the emergence of Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm SEOs are now forced to do link building by hand by creating high-quality content that is link-worthy. How do you reach websites who are willing to link to your content, if you ask them directly, which would be thought to be “unnatural”? Social media can help. Social media lets you publish your content to people who are willing to link to it should it be worth linking to. People who be able to share your content with other people and boost your authority.

3) The amplifying of content
It doesn’t matter how high-quality the content you publish, it’s unlikely to get much traction in the absence of amplifying it. Email marketing is an effective way to boost the content, but it’ll only be able to reach people who are in your marketing database. You can also reach new audiences through social media. When you share your content, the people who follow you will connect with their friends in the event that they find it helpful. This will allow them to be able to share your content with their followers, increasing your reach. Additionally, you will gain relevant traffic as well as inbound linking as well as social signals and brand awareness All of which are used by search engines to determine content quality determination.

content amplification lifecycle

4.) Brand Awareness & Signals
Search engines may use your brand’s name and reputation to determine the credibility of your website and how trustworthy it needs to be when they rank it in their algorithms. Social media aids in building an image for your business and also boosts your content. This is what Google refers to as co-citation. Making these co-citations with social media can boost Google’s trust in your company web page and also assist by bringing in search queries that are branded.

5) Social Indexing
Search engines have been indexing social media accounts since a while, which means they now appear in the search results pages. This lets your company’s brand be listed in search results on brand-related queries, คลิ๊กที่นี่ which aren’t only restricted to your business’s website. This gets more effective. Individual tweets from Twitter were once indexed and shown in search results too giving another opportunity to get your content noticed in search. The service was temporary for a few months, until Google took the decision to end the service, and it’s still in place. Google will once again show tweets in search results, so it’s important to leverage it for getting your content ranked.

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