6 Most Amazing Tourist Attractions in Bloomington

Visitors who are searching for some peaceful place to dive into, then visit Bloomington. The city is well known as a bustling college town. Out of many tranquil sites to explore, it is also one of Indiana’s largest cities. There are several fun activities and things to see. Here are 6 must-visit attractions which you must visit.

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1. Indiana University

One of the best places to start your vacation is IU Bloomington. This site is unofficially known as a “public ivy-league school,”. This university is a public university that is on par with top ivy-league colleges. Come to the campus that spans almost 2,000 acres. The university is worth a visit, whether you’re checking out the limestone architecture that is made from the very limestone quarried nearby. Above all, you can also attend a show at the campus theater. 

2. B-Line Trail

Come to the B-Line Trail which is a popular outdoor, packed urban trail. The trail cuts through the heart of Bloomington which is 3.1 miles (4.9 kilometers) long. Also, the trial spans from Adams Street up to Country Club Drive and ends eventually with the Bloomington Rail Trail. The whole trail is with LED lights illuminating the trail from sunset to sunrise. Also, visitors come here to make it ideal for cycling at any time of day. explore the site that is completely paved, offering a smooth, predictable biking experience.

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3. Morgan-Monroe State Forest

If you are searching for the greenest area in Bloomington, then feel that you are lucky enough to have entry points to Indiana’s second-largest state forest called as Morgan-Monroe State Forest. This forest area offers a great outdoor wooded area. Above all, this forest area features a variety of hiking and biking trails, through the Low Gap. You can also explore the Three Lakes Trails which are some of the most popular. The forest from both are looped trails and span a total of 10 miles (16 kilometers) each. You can expect the terrain to be a little rougher than paved trails. However, this site is not all perfect for bikers who love seeking adventure.

4. Eskenazi Museum of Art

The museum can be the best place for those searching for some authentic past from the city. this museum was formally known as the Indiana University of Art. This stunning campus art museum is an excellent place for taking in new, up-and-coming artists’ works. Watch out for the gallery that features three floors of art and sculptures, with both permanent and rotating exhibits. Above all, there are more than 45,000 objects to uncover. You can also have online catalogs and collections of art for visitors to explore. 

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Have a tour of the WonderLab which is a museum of science, health, and technology that sits along the B-Line Trail in downtown Bloomington. You can come here with school kids to make them learn in this creative science museum. Some exhibits provide opportunities to witness the excitement and overall wonder that science and technology can bring.

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6. Hoosier National Forest

The most exciting place is the Hoosier National Forest. The forest is a 203,000-acre woodland that runs through Bloomington, with the main entry point in Bedford. Boasting picturesque rolling hills, rugged back-country trails, and pathways, this forest also is home to ecosystems. Spend a great time in this forest and indulge yourself in activities available here!

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