6 ways global sourcing companies are changing the way you find products


Many of the items you need are manufactured and sold around the world, which means that there are global sourcing companies with employees from across the globe who help American businesses find products, negotiate deals, and ship orders to American consumers. But how do these companies help you? Here are six ways they can save you time and money when trying to find products to sell in your business or personal life.

1) Quality Assurance

Buying from a manufacturer in China isn’t just about finding a cheap product. It’s also about working with someone who knows their trade and can provide top-quality items. After all, if they can’t produce high-quality goods, why should they be trusted with your business? Global sourcing companies work hard to make sure every product they sell is of high quality and competitively priced. These wholesale exporters help small businesses stay competitive by offering access to a wide range of products that aren’t readily available in local markets. Additionally, manufacturers tend to provide extras like logos, packaging materials and technical support for free.

2) Ease of Use

Procurement companies in the USA make it easier than ever to connect with suppliers and place orders. Some even have user-friendly interfaces that allow you to source products yourself and pay only when your order is shipped out of China. Others act as an intermediary, finding a product and then working with a factory to design your custom order. There’s no one right way; it all depends on how much time you want to spend researching and ordering, versus allowing someone else to handle some of those tasks for you.

3) Accessibility

Finding great products that meet all of your criteria can be a huge pain—especially if it involves international shipping. Thankfully, many entrepreneurs turn to global sourcing companies to get access to great products in seconds. Global sourcing makes finding hard-to-find or rare items much easier, while also providing an incentive for smaller vendors and manufacturers to expand their business globally. If you’re in need of something specific or a product that’s not available in your country, reach out to a global supply company; they can help match you with exactly what you need!

4) Cost-Effectiveness

If you’re a small business or entrepreneur, you need to know that your margins are just as important as your sales figures. When businesses begin to operate at a significant profit margin, they risk losing clients—and therefore their future business—to large competitors who may be better equipped to price-shop. For an example of how cost-effectiveness works in business, look no further than transportation costs: If one of your suppliers is on the other side of an ocean, they’ll be charging you not only for shipping but also for packaging materials and fuel surcharges—all extra costs that could eat into your profits.

5) Product Sourcing

You can choose from a wide range of services depending on your specific business needs. These include some of your most common concerns, like identifying and negotiating suppliers in other countries, finding new product ideas, importing and exporting goods, communicating with overseas buyers and sellers, and shipping products to customers. In addition to these commonly-cited services, some companies may also offer workshops that give you step-by-step instruction on key areas of product sourcing like price negotiation, creating quality packaging, and communicating effectively with overseas suppliers. If none of these additional services appeal to you but you do want help locating reliable Chinese manufacturers for your small business or startup company, then go ahead and use one of their basic service offerings without any added fees.

6) Brand Building

If you’re a retailer and want to sell more of your product, improving your branding is one of the best—and most affordable—ways to do it. That’s because when someone has seen your logo or brand name, they are more likely to remember it down the road. So as an ecommerce owner, if people see your brand often enough, then when they want to buy what you sell, they’ll be much more likely to choose from your site than from competitors. The trick is getting people familiar with and remembering who you are (that’s where branding comes in). If that sounds like a challenge, then it might be time for ecommerce rebranding.

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