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Shoe heels – All types of heels for high heels & pumps at a glance

Types of heels explained: Hardly any other piece of clothing is so feminine as heels. High heels, which are a typical identifying feature of a women’s shoe, come in different variants. For the fashion-conscious woman, it is always an advantage to know which type of heel a shoe should have in order to meet the requirements. So that you don’t waste a lot of time shopping for shoes and know exactly which shoe with which heel you want, we will explain the different types of heels to you in the following article.

1. Stiletto Heel / Stiletto Heel / Stiletto Heel

This type of heel is particularly striking due to its slim shape and extreme height. The typical “click-clack” sound that occurs when walking on spiked dolce vita paily heels is well known. Walking correctly on a high heel requires a good body feeling and has to be trained. Due to the thin shape, these heels are not particularly stable and can break off quickly (you can find out what you can do about this in our article on repairing heels ).

2. Blockabsatz

This type of heel is wider and usually not quite as high as a stiletto heel. Due to the width, this heel shape offers stable support and comfortable walking movements even with slightly higher heels. The heel of the shoe is the ideal mix of elegance and comfort and is well suited for everyday wear.

3. The funnel heel

The funnel heel is characterized by the tip that widens towards the top. The shoe heel is generally considered to be as stable as a block heel and is particularly often found on ankle boots.

4. Cuban paragraph

The Kuba heel is similar to a block heel, but it is even wider and thus offers better support. The Kuba heel is not considered particularly sexy or elegant and usually adorns shoes that are intended for everyday use.

5. Wedge heel

This shoe heel is also known as a wedge heel and can be used to walk comfortably even with higher heels. Unfortunately, shoes with such heels often appear clumsy, which of course affects the appearance of the wearer. Typical for him is the continuous form from the middle foot to the heel, which makes this heel form one of the most stable.

6. The platform heel

This type of heel is also suitable for walking with dizzying heel heights because it offers a secure hold. This heel is particularly distinguished by its thickness, which remains the same throughout the height. It has an extremely conspicuous, thick sole that runs under the front shoe or the entire foot.

7. The Kitten Heel

The following applies to kitten heels: they must not exceed a height of 3-5 cm. This type of heel came into fashion in the 50s and 60s and is particularly popular again today, even among young people. Despite its mostly thin stiletto heel, it is uncomplicated to wear and comfortable because of its low height. More about this here: Kitten heels Wear trend shoes in everyday life

Skilfully combine shoes with heels

While stiletto heels are great for everyday wear with skinny jeans, platform heels and wedge heels look especially good with dresses. The funnel heel, which can be found particularly often on ankle boots, is a true all-around talent, as you can combine it with both jeans and dresses.

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