If the AR-15 is “America’s Rifle,” then the M1911 is “America’s Handgun.”

In service for the better part of a century, over 4 million were made by Colt alone, which figure does not account for the countless variants that have been produced over the years by other makers, such as Rock Island Armory and Para-Ordnance.

Still, and despite the popularity of the platform, there are always things that can be done to improve its serviceability as a platform.

These are the top 1911 accessories we could come up with.

1. Red dot sights/reflex sights
This is one platform that won’t be well served by optics like a scope. Red dot and reflex sights can give you greater confidence and make it easier for you to shoot reflexively without having to line up sights. They’re great at close ranges and in the dark, too, and will put an ultra-modern, “tacticool” edge on your 1911, if you like that sort of thing.

2. Recoil spring guide/upgraded recoil springs
Old, fatigued recoil springs compromise cycling speed and reliability. Get a new, stiffer recoil spring to improve reliability and add a rod guide that will help prevent kinking, so your new spring will last longer.

3. A weapon-mounted light
If you carry your pistol for self-defense, then a WML is not a nice thing to have, but a must-have 1911 accessory.

You know what they say, “what you can’t see can kill you,” and a weapon-mounted light for your 1911 will help you be better prepared in hostile situations.

4. A trigger guard mounted laser
Adding a laser sight to your 1911 will serve sort of like a redundant safeguard if you’re ever in the dark, need to shoot reflexively or offhand, or don’t have the luxury of being able to line up your sights.

In fact, you don’t even need to make it a trigger guard-mounted model. There are laser sights for some pistols that are pressure-activated and integral with your pistol grips. You can get one of these to be even better prepared.

5. Magloaders
Magloaders make it a lot easier to load magazines and can save your mag’s feed lips from wear over time.

They can also keep your range time about shooting, and less about squeezing tiny cartridges into single stack mags, which is time-consuming at best and expensive at worst.

6. A high-quality 1911 holster
However you decide to carry, you need a secure holster that protects and encloses the trigger guard of your 1911 and makes it all but impossible for your pistol to be drawn except by an intentional act.

Get something that is both secure and comfortable while remaining easy to access.

7. Overmolded grips
Uncomfortable or sharp grips can completely trash the shooting experience. Poor ergonomics can make shooting uncomfortable or downright painful, making it difficult to manage recoil and develop confidence and proficiency behind the gun.

You don’t necessarily need to change the grips, though. You may be able to get high-quality over-molded grips that are softer and fill the grip more adequately, for more comfort at the range.

8. Wider magwells
Adding a wider magwell to your 1911 may make it easier for you to drop and replace magazines, instinctively, quickly, and without looking. That can shave seconds off your time in scoring and save your life in a situation involving self-defense.

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