8 Tricks and tips for using Google Calendar

Of course, I do not owe my daily organization only to the Google calendar, because today I know that planning is a specific system – about which I wrote many pages recently and prepared as many exercises. But I must admit that he has a very big influence on her.

That’s why I gathered all the tricks and tips on how to use the Google calendar in one place – from the correct configuration to adding events, to my own tricks that support me in my daily planning. Instead of google calendar, google introduces new tricks i m feeling curious about tricks. There are the very best tricks.

This text was originally written several months ago. Today it comes back – refreshed, improved, but not that much changed – which only shows that the rules that have been worked out once work well.


Of course, you can find Google Calendar on its official website. If you already use Gmail, you basically already have it. If not, all you need to do is register to get access to the Google calendar.

1. Install the calendar wherever you can

My basic rule when using tools like Google Calendar is to always make them easy to access. So in this case – install it wherever possible. Here you will find links to download Google Calendar for various platforms:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows

2. Add state / religious / other holidays

Have you ever bounced off a closed store on Whitsun? Wondering which Easter is this time? Google’s “Helpful Calendars” will help you with the answers to these questions.

Helpful calendars can be found by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner and then selecting “Add Calendar” from the menu on the left. Or you can just follow this link. They include religious holidays, country-specific holidays, as well as sports events, and moon phases.

3. Create calendars for different circumstances

If you really want to keep time under control, it’s best if you separate the parts of your life into separate calendars. It may happen that you want to share, for example, your business meetings with someone, and not necessarily an already planned visit to the dentist, right?

The new calendar is added in the same place where you will find “Helpful calendars from Google”.

You can:

  • Create a new calendar – add a name and description to it and it will appear in your main calendar as a separate tab – exactly like in the screenshot above;
  • Subscribe to the calendar – if any of your contacts keep a calendar and makes it public, you can subscribe to it;
  • Add a calendar from the URL – if you know the address of someone’s calendar (for example a favorite blogger;)) then you can add it here.

4. Delete or show weekends

If you only use Google Calendar for work, you can delete weekends to make more space for the rest of the days of the week. The “Show weekends” option can be found in the settings, in the “View Options” tab.

In the same place, you can set whether the week starts on Monday, as well as how many days should be visible.

5. Let Google add events for you

Among the options that make your life easier, you will also find the automatic addition of events to the calendar by Google. If you use Gmail and you receive all kinds of confirmations from it, Google Calendar will extract them from the maze of other e-mails and automatically add them to your calendar.

I know this is an option that is a bit scary, but if you look at it the other way around, Google is still following us anyway, so we might as well make our lives easier. 🙂

You will find this option in the general settings, on the “Gmail Events” tab.

6. Integrate Google Calendar with other tools you use

Automation and integrations are the bread and butter of every Life Geek! Therefore, always look for a way to connect the tools you use.

You can connect Google Calendar with, among others:

  • Task applications such as Nozbe, Todoist and ClickUp ;
  • Teleconferencing tools like Zoom or Google Meet;
  • Communication tools like Slack;
  • Automation tools such as IFTTT or Zapier to build more advanced processes on this basis.


7. Day under control with the Day Plan

You can set an event reminder option for each calendar. But what comes in most handy is a morning summary of the day email.

You can enable the Daily Schedule by going to the settings of a specific calendar, and then selecting the “Other notifications” tab.

ATTENTION! You have to set it separately for each calendar. If you want notifications from all calendars, then you will have 5 different Day Plans … So it’s best to add a Day Plan to the calendar … which you use least often. Exactly! If you use the calendar regularly, you probably know more or less when new events will appear, e.g. at work.

It is best to choose one specific calendar, for example, a company one. One where events are so important that overlooking them could be a big problem.

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