A Career in Data Science in India

In the present world, data science is not a new thing for people to learn. Almost every other person is aware of data and its magical vibes. Every other industry wants data to make accurate decisions. Raw data is used to create valuable insights, and all of this is achieved by using data science.

Such huge amounts of data and the need to segregate the same to churn out informed decisions have created the demand for data scientists.

Before looking at the career prospects offered by data science, let’s have a look at what data science is and what its future prospects are.

What is Data Science?

Data science is defined as the multi-disciplinary tool that uses scientific methods such as statistics, data analysis, and machine learning to extract valuable insights from both structured and unstructured data.

Data scientists who take data science as a career are allowed to try out different ways to help businesses extract what’s relevant to them. In order for the business and its processes to make sense, the data is interpreted, simplified, and rearranged.

The useful data is then used by the companies to drive action plans and process the construction of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Is There any Future in Data Science?

Data is continually being generated and it is creating heaps of expectations from the customers. Every business unit wants to know what their customers want. Such huge piles of data need to be interpreted and analyzed in order to produce informative decisions for the companies.

Thus, data science took the responsibility of analyzing the data and taking valuable and informed decisions that might help businesses all over the world.

Since data will grow continually, there is an urgent need for professionals who can handle such large database management and analysis. Thus, data science took the initiative to look for the dearth of information hidden beneath the huge pile of data.

Data Science’s Future Prospects

As per a report, around 90,000 jobs are vacant this year due to a lack of skilled professionals. Almost every industry wants such professionals who can manage the growing scope of data science. Data scientists are in demand in industries like e-commerce, manufacturing, banking and finance, healthcare, transport, etc.

Aspirants can find a great deal of scope in data science due to the large pool of requirements created by the abovementioned and similar industries.

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What are the job roles available in India?

Let’s have a look at the career choices available for aspirants in India. Aspirants who are learning data science or who want to try their luck can explore the below mentioned job roles.

  • Engineer in data science
  • A machine learning engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Data engineer
  • Statistician
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst

From a salary point of view, data science professionals earn differently based on their profile. However, a fresher can kick-start his career in data science with a salary of 4-6 lac per annum.

Data science is the future and it allows an individual to bring out the best and make the most possible use of data that is flowing continually and without a limit.

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