A Comprehensive Guide to Planning a Corporate Business Event 

When tasked with organizing a corporate event, whether that be a casual and informal department celebration or else a company-wide huge gala evening, there is a myriad of different things to think about and organize. 

So, whether you are holding an event for employees only or preparing a new product or service launch for your customers and target audience, then you have certainly come to the right place. Continue reading to discover a comprehensive guide to planning a corporate business event

Ascertain the Main Purpose of the Event

The truth is sometimes you can get so caught up in the schematics of planning a corporate event that the main purpose and fundamental reason for its existence in the first place is lost.

As soon as you are tasked with organization, you should speak to your bosses and other senior department heads to ascertain the basic objectives and goals and use both of these as a springboard for everything from the layout of the space to the refreshments you provide. 

Some important things to consider when planning a business function include, amongst others, the following:

  • The establishment of a project timeline from start to finish
  • The location and accessibility of the venue
  • The Wi-Fi connection and technological provisions of the venue 

Think About the Demographic of the Attendees

If you are organizing a business event involving purely employees of the company rather than a networking event or a product launch, then you have a bit more creative freedom. You know your employees well to know what they like and don’t have to worry about branding or working hard to make a great impression. So rather than host a formal event, you might choose to take your employees out for a meal or drinks instead. 

However, if your evening is geared towards either making professional bonds and connections with other professionals or building brand awareness by meeting members of the public, you have to meet certain needs. You need to cater the event schedule to suit the specific interests of the attendees. This could be the first encounter someone has had with your business, so you need to make a good lasting impression. Keep it professional and branded, and ensure there is plenty to keep all guests happy.  

Choose the Event Venue Carefully

Another key thing to remember when planning a business event is to ascertain exactly how many people you expect to attend and book a suitable venue accordingly. 

For a business event venue that is functional and useful as it will be memorable to each and every attendee, you should look into multi-purpose centers in stunning surroundings, such as The Riverhouse, whereby you can arrange for the staff to serve drinks and food throughout the evening should you desire. 

Hire Professional Experts

If you feel at the beginning of the planning process or further down the line that you are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of extra work and responsibilities put upon you, then you would be perfectly within your right as organizer to hire an industry expert to help. 

Regardless of whether you feel entirely capable of arranging your corporate event yourself or not, you should still consider asking a guest speaker to attend at some point during the day or evening who is naturally versed and highly skilled in the area of business concerned.

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