Audience Generation and Segmentation: 4 Important Postulates for Demand Generation

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Ensuring that your leads are qualified and aptly segmented is the key to a successful demand generation campaign. If your target audience is unaware of the problems for which you are offering solutions, making them aware is the prerequisite. This needs to be followed by brand-building, audience engagement, and subsequent lead generation and nurturing. Across this campaign, the significance of audience generation and segmentation is profound. The former is necessary to enhance your outreach through B2B events. The latter is important for tailoring content based on the client profile and requirements. Here’s a look at the key postulates of demand generation in terms of profiling your target audience:-

Targeted Content Marketing Strategies

The first advice that any reputed service provider for digital lead generation Singapore will give you is to attune your content:-

  • to cater to the exact lead nurturing requirements for every stage of your sales funnel
  • to custom-fit the needs of each market segment that you are targeting

While creating content for nurturing leads, the primary stage content should never embody a blunt marketing agenda. Spreading awareness and invoking curiosity should be the primary aim. Once you have a set of well-informed, qualified leads, proceed with creating brand awareness through your content pieces. The eventual leads that proceed towards the bottom of the funnel need to be enticed with sales-centric content. On the whole, your content creation must take into account the key demographics of each market segment under your purview.

Focus on Audience Generation for your B2B Events

Reaching out to qualified leads is as important as creating the right content as per your ICP. Using the right lead magnets will help you create the right contact list of qualified leads. This in turn will help you send invites to the right prospects for your webinars and other live B2B events. Alternatively, you can team up with a reliable B2B database service provider to ensure maximum audience generation.

Invest in Holistic Market Research

Only through high-quality market research will you be able to assess the preferences and latest behavioral traits of your target audience. But it is important to note that segment-wise research yields the best results as opposed to a general overview. If your B2B business doesn’t have sufficient resources to carry out segment-wise market research, outsourcing is recommended.

Rely on Marketing Automation

Sales and marketing automation has brought about remarkable efficiency and brilliant results for B2B businesses worldwide. AI-run marketing tools help in weeding out the unqualified prospects from the high-value leads. This way, your marketing team no longer has to waste time chasing unqualified leads. This will enhance the outcome of your demand generation campaign multifold.


For successful digital lead generation Singapore, you need to segregate and research/review the needs of each market segment. Given the diversity of the B2B marketplace not just in Singapore but across Asia-Pacific, the right market segmentation is pivotal. A generic demand generation campaign will yield only limited results. On the otherhand, precision-based marketing strategies to cater to each market segment are likely to steer brilliant results.

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