AutoBidMaster is an all-in-one brokerage services provider in the Auto Auction industry, giving access to dealer-only auctions in the USA and Canada.

AutoBidMaster is a registered Copart broker that gives you access to almost any kind of salvage vehicle. Normally, buying a salvaged vehicle is reserved for dealers. However, we provide you with access to the salvage marketplace from anywhere in the world – no dealer license required.

We have assisted tens of thousands of members to purchase clean and salvaged vehicles while offering the best car buying experience in the industry. Our all-in-one services include brokerage services, vehicle financing, vehicle history reports, and door-to-door logistics.

The company was founded in 2009 and is based in Portland, Oregon. For the last 13 years, it has grown fast. While the popularity of the company has continued to expand over the past few years, one thing has never changed: our core principles.

a. Offer the best and most convenient buying experience in the industry

b. Keep operating costs low and never stop improving

These early principles continue to serve as the foundation for AutoBidMaster all around the world. Today, AutoBidMaster is located in many different cities. We have lounges and branch offices in: USA, Nigeria, El Salvador, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and Belarus. We are proud of our highly-professional multinational team.

AutoBidMaster offers lots of advantages if you’re shopping for a used car. For instance, you can choose among more than 150,000 vehicles and bid on salvage and clean title cars without a dealer’s license. On top of that, there are quite a lot of bargains. We offer tailored shipping services too. AutoBidMaster provides everything you might have looked for in the past.

With over 13 years in the salvage auto auction industry we are here to guide you through every step of the way, including registration, bidding, checking VIN reports, and delivery. Whether you are looking for a family-sized SUV, a vintage restoration project, or even a boat, we’re here for you.

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