Benefits of Using a Laminar Flow Hood


The uses of a laminar flow hood cabinet can be discussed in this post. These cabinets will be the ideal option for numerous industrial laboratories and companies. Let’s take a look at several of the most crucial characteristics of flow hood cabinets and how they might assist your company and laboratory. For laboratories with limited capacity, laminar flow hood cabinets are ideal. Here are several of the most notable characteristics of laminar flow hoods.

What is a Laminar flow hood?

Laminar flow hoods are generally employed in specific operations where contamination of delicate components or even biological content is a problem. The air is normally collected through HEPA filtration before being delivered in a clean and HEPA filtration system present in the laminar flow hood.

Vertical and horizontal arrangements are offered for laminar flow hoods. Several different types of cabinets are accessible in various airflow configurations and are commonly utilized. Numerous chemical fume hoods and specialized biological safety cabinets are used in cleanrooms to ensure high expectations in a variety of laboratory situations.

Laminar Flow Hood Parts and Accessories

The following components make up a laminar flow cabinet:

  • Cabinet

The cabinet is composed of stainless steel, with few or no holes or cracks that prevent pathogens from gathering. The cabinet insulates and preserves the internal environment formed by the laminar flow from the external atmosphere. A glass shielding covers the front of the flow hood mycology, which in various laminar cabinets opens completely or has two slots for the user’s fingers to access the cabinet.

  • Work Station

Within the cabinet is a smooth working station where all of the procedures will occur. On the working platform where the procedure needs to take place, culture dishes, burners, and loops are completely installed. To avoid corrosion, the worktop is likewise composed of stainless steel.

  • Filtering Pad

The air enters the cabinet using a filter pad located on the upper edge of the cabinet. The filter pad prevents dust pollutants and some germs from affecting the cabinet’s functioning atmosphere.

  • Fan

A fan resides beneath the filter pad, sucking in air and spreading it across the cabinet. The fan also permits air to flow towards the HEPA filter, trapping any leftover microorganisms as they flow through.

  • UV lamp

Certain laminar flow hoods include a UV germicidal light that sterilizes the cabinet interior and materials before the procedure. To avoid UV radiation to the user’s skin area, the UV lamp should be switched on 15 minutes before the procedure.

  • Fluorescent light source

Fluorescent light is installed within the cabinet to give adequate illumination during the procedure.

  • HEPA filtration

Inside the cabinet is a high-productivity particulate air filter, which helps to keep the environment hygienic for the procedure. The filter captures fungi, microorganisms, and other dust items as the pre-filtered air travel through it. The filter maintains a sterile environment within the cabinet, lowering the risk of infection.

Benefits of utilizing laminar flow hood

  1. Eco-Friendly:

These flow hoods are environmentally friendly and a fantastic choice. Because they can instantly remove impurities from the environment, these ductless hood devices can effectively keep recycling room air. No air is continuously withdrawn from the environment. This is an ecological choice that may be used in any laboratory.

  • Portability:

Laminar Flow machines are popular because they are movable and can be relocated from one location to another with no effort. Because these devices have no external attachments, moving them from one area to elsewhere is simple.

  • Cost-Effective:

Businesses are looking for cost-effective solutions, and nothing beats these low-maintenance devices. They don’t require much frequent upkeep or cleaning once they’re placed. Filter change may be required, and the expense of doing so varies. Apart from that, these laminar hood solutions may be readily transported to the desired site once they are prepared to be utilized.

  • Perfectly Safe:

When utilizing the laminar flow hoods, customers do not need to be concerned regarding extra safety concerns. These systems often include a monitoring device for evaluating carbon filter capacity and gas. On its LCD screen, the system features both visible and auditory alarms. This effectively alerts the user. When employing the laminar flood hood arrangement, protection is never an issue.

It’s critical to get Laminar Flow Hoods from reputable retailers. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned regarding the product’s reliability.

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