If you are someone looking to buy 2 and 3 BHK flats in Greater Noida, this article is for you. When looking for a new abode, a lot of factors will be taken into consideration, like location accessibility, affordable living, neighboring shops, etc. 

With its super convenient and attractive spot, Greater Noida has become an ideal destination for those looking to settle in a brand new, beautiful home. This article will be an attempt to dissect and explore some of the best locations in Greater Noida that offer comfortable living.

Purvanchal Royal City, Sector Chi 5

Located in the Chi-5 sector, Purvanchal Royal is one of the best cities in Greater Noida that you must check out for 2 or 3-bedroom flats. The city stated above is a beautifully transformed residential area that exudes cheerfulness and vitality. 

The place is highly secure and well-maintained. It lies in close union with nature, hosting a legion of garden flowers, picaresque sites, and sports compartments with distinctive courts. The place, with its spectrum of lifestyle choices and cool amenities, is the perfect destination for anyone looking to buy a flat in Greater Noida. Crafted with rich opulence, this elegant corner of Greater Noida will provide you with the best of the urban world in all its flair.

Purvanchal Heights, Sector ZETA-1

Nestled in the housing corner of Sector Zeta 1, the site is lauded for its quality construction and highly maintained residential area. The campus is located in a low-density area with a considerable amount of distance between towers. 

This location has the twin benefits of grand and peaceful living, not like the well-packed communities that we notice in crowded spaces. A variety of amenities are available, like internet connectivity, shopping centers, parking facilities, etc.

Paramount Golfforest, Sector Zeta

This architectural project is a towering residential township guarded by security systems monitoring the entire landscape. It looks akin to a forest with green belts maintained within the structure. The place is well-managed and has wide roads, jogging tracks, sit-outs, etc. Along with the above-stated amenities, it offers specially designed joyride arenas for kids. Another of its peculiar features is the golf court-facing dining room. There are several hospitals nearby in case of an emergency.

Plumeria Garden estate

This sophisticated estate is directly linked to all the major points of locality in Greater Noida. Apartments situated here are designed for ample sunlight and cross-ventilation. It is one of the astonishingly well-curated residential areas that is deemed the finest space for living in Greater Noida. Several prominent schools are in close proximity to the Plumeria estate, like NIIT Noida, Ryan International School, etc.

Omaxe, NRI City

Situated on Pari Chowk, this society is renowned for being one of the prime locations for living in Greater Noida. Here, amenities are numerous, like proper parking spots, multiple transportation options, and other modern facilities that are less common in other parts of the city. 

The place is ideal for relocation as it is surrounded by shopping avenues, work centers, and supermarkets where all goods and services are available. The township is built in an impeccable setting with the aim of providing a world-class ambiance to the residents living in the area. This exemplary township comprises plots, villas, large multi-story apartments, etc.

ATS Dolce

This luxurious residential area is highly maintained. It has an elite international-standard club that stands out as a starring feature of this residential area. Apart from the club and other standardized gatherings, a pool is situated within the landscape. It is situated in close proximity to popular destinations such as the City Park and Pari Chowk in Greater Noida. 

All the regular flats and apartments constructed in their township are open on both sides, overlooking stunning views. Rooms are spacious enough for a family with growing kids. Additionally, it has several multi-specialty hospitals in close proximity, like Kailash Hospital, Specialist Hospital, etc. 

Further, it offers awesome amenities such as a tennis court, a separate track for jogging, a clubhouse, and the like. A world-class gymnasium to enhance your body is also available at the ATS Dolce apartment. Furthermore, a distinct mind-charmer club distinguishes this area as distinct and worthy of living.

Final Overview

So, if you are looking for a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat in Greater Noida, there is a real estate company that you should familiarise yourself with that is one of the best builders in Noida. The Paramount Group is a top-notch service provider in the field of real estate. Check out their services and what they can offer.

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