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Information about pregabalin:

This article discusses the clinical indications for pregabalin. It is recommended to use this medication only after discussing its risks with a physician. There have been reports of abuse, dependence, and misuse of this medication. As such, patients with a history of substance abuse should be monitored for signs of drug dependence. If the patient experiences any of these symptoms, the pregabalin should be stopped immediately and alternative therapy considered. Pregabalin contains only about one moll of sodium per capsule, making it effectively sodium-free.

Patients with refractory FMS or DPN responded well to this medication in clinical trials. Moreover, the majority of patients experienced pain relief from the drug. The average pain relief achieved by patients who received pregabalin was 48%, compared to 16% in those who received placebo. In these trials, the majority of adverse events were mild to moderate in intensity. Overall, pregabalin treatment significantly reduced the severity of pain.

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Renal function plays a significant role in the clearance of this drug. Patients with renal dysfunction may need a lower dose of pregabalin. Renal impairment will decrease the clearance of the drug by 50 to 60% during hemodialysis. Patients with renal impairment should adjust the daily dose to compensate for the reduced renal function. In patients with poor liver function, a supplemental dose should be give after every 4 hours of hemodialysis.

Long-term pregabalin treatment may cause severe withdrawal symptoms and should be tapere. The dose should be reduce gradually over a period of one week. The recommen dose for pregabalin is 75 mg twice daily. If the dose is too low, it may be increase to 150 mg twice daily.  is too high, it should be tapered over a week. As a precautionary measure, pregabalin not be split or crush.

How to treat:

Although this pill is FDA-approve for the treatment of seizures and pain, there is substantial disagreement about its effectiveness. Nevertheless, the use of this drug in the absence of clinical trial evidence has led to a considerable number of therapeutic benefits for patients. As a result, patients with these conditions should be closely monitor by their physicians. They should receive regular checkups and reassessment. A collaborative approach between doctors and patients may result in improved outcomes for those who are prescribe this pill.

Although there have been several studies in which this drug was effective in treating seizures, no randomize trials have shown conclusive results. A 12-week placebo-controll study involving four hundred and twenty-one paediatric patients was requir to demonstrate efficacy in children. The adverse effects of pregabalin for this purpose were similar to those reported in adult studies. For adults, however, it remains the best option for seizures.

More information:

In a study of 3600 patients, a higher proportion of patients taking pregabalin developed blurry vision. In the majority of cases, this effect resolve with continu dosing. However, patients should report any changes in their vision to their health care providers as soon as possible. Patients who are subject to routine ocular monitoring be assess more frequently. If blurred vision persists for a longer period of time, it may need further investigation.

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