A vacation that combines the energy of the city with the tranquillity of the sea. Doesn’t that sound ideal? What about a holiday in a seaside city? Imagine having your vacation dreams come true, from feasting under the stars to visiting destinations by ship to testing your luck at a poker table. Instead of going on an international vacation, take a cruise with the newly founded Cordelia Cruises! Whether you’re a solitary traveler, an adrenaline addict, a parent looking for a family vacation, or a couple looking for a romantic break, Cordelia Cruises has the perfect vacation for you. These voyages will convey the world to you, so you won’t even need to cross borders!


The Cordelia cruise’s Mumbai-Goa-Lakshadweep excursion lasts five days and nights. The cruise allows you to sail on the Arabian Sea and enjoy the beautiful scenic view of the water. What a treat it is to come near the deck and take in the enormity of the sea, the horizon, and the skyscrapers – it is beautiful. The experience is serene and leaves you feeling full, or sometimes empty, of feelings!

Things to do at Cordelia Cruise

True pleasure, however, comes from knowing what awaits you on deck Empress of the Seas! These are some wonderful things you may do when on a cruise for a holiday!

  1. Enjoy Broadway Musicals: 

Upon aboard the Spectacular cruise, Empress of the Seas, this world-class, world-renowned extravaganza is bound to blow your mind. The brilliant colors are guaranteed to captivate you while you sit in the audience, taking part as well. Your evenings will be brightened as you watch musicians enchant you with their magnificent craft!

  1. Have your own Movie night: 

On board the Luxurious cruise Empress of the Seas, you can see your favorite blockbuster film with your lover. The large screen selection features films of many genres that have gained popularity around the world. On the high seas, there are matinée, evening, and even late night shows are accessible.

  1. Open Mic: 

Laugh your hearts out as you become clients of India’s most famous comic on board Cornelia Cruises Empress of the Seas. What more can you ask for when humor is there to provide company on an extraordinary evening?

  1. Open Bar facility: 

We have it all, from the Dome with the finest selection of alcohol to the Pool Bar with a large assortment of freshly crafted fruit juices, mocktails, and cocktails. Besides this, the Oasis Bar is where you can indulge in other vices like as traditional Sheeshas, Hookahs, and Cigars, as well as a good range of exotic cognacs and single malts.

  1. Swaddle through the inside Swimming Pool:

 Enjoy the bars by the pool, soak up the rays by the water, play some pool games, unwind by the pool, and so on. Every encounter onboard Cordelia Cruise, Empress of the Seas, is one to be admired and remembered for.

  1. Get your Party Mode on:

 Let’s toast to music and a fantastic nightlife! DJ sets at The Dome may uplift any feeling you may be experiencing. Your favorite music can always help you relax and have fun! Not to mention the fantastic music, enjoyable activities, and first-rate bar service.. 

  1. Carve your Poker Skills:

 The Player’s Casino entices you into a wild good time that you’ll never forget. Enjoy and indulge yourself with well-known table games and slot machine games including Roulette, Poker, Casino War, and others. Once you step foot on board The Cruise Empress of the Seas, you can be sure that you will experience an adrenaline rush.

  1. Enjoy the Exquisite Cuisine: 

The food served on the Cordelia Cruise Empress of the Seas is delicious and designed to fill you up completely. We have everything you need, from Chinese, Japanese, and regional creativity to everything in between, with enticing cuisines and mouthwatering delicacies. We have a wide variety of restaurants that provide you with opulent settings and exceptional dining occasions.

  1. Rejuvenate yourself at the Spa:

 Don’t you think the sounds of the sea, the blue skies, and the seemingly endless space around you were already healing enough? Do you also need a spa experience? There can never be enough, and Cordelia Cruises must insist on having this encounter sailing the Empress of the Seas. We offer everything you might possibly need to help you unwind and enjoy yourself even more, including body massage, body therapies, steam suite, anti-aging treatment, skin remedies, acupuncture sessions, and cosmetic treatments offered at a medi-spa.

  1. Go on a Shopping Spree: 

After all, how can we forget about the shopaholics? Have a relaxing shopping trip and buy beautiful jewelry, goods, and presents for your loved ones.


The high seas are covered by Cordelia as well, so it will travel into a deep area and return the next morning. They travel to Mumbai, Goa, Cochin, and Diu in the west from Chennai and, as of recently, Vizag on the east coast. Lakshadweep Islands cruises are also offered. Altogether, Cordelia Cruise will provide you with the entire bundle of inner bliss and contentment for a fantastic staycation and sea experience.

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