Daycare: a place that evokes bittersweet sentiments for parents and children. As a parent, you hate to drop them off and leave them out of your care, yet you also love to see them socially flourish in a safe, educational environment. Your child hates to see you go, but is excited for the fulfilling and exciting day they have before them.

Another “bitter” part of daycare is when you pick up your child from daycare– and they have lost an important item (or two or three items!) during the day! Maybe they left something in an inopportune location or another child/parent mistakenly took your child’s item(s) home with them. Either way, these scenarios are irksome– and can certainly add up in costs and stress!

Never lose any daycare item again with the assistance of daycare name labels! Here are just a few daycare items you can place these handy labels on in order to minimize the loss of important items and keep them organized to boot!

Naptime is a critical component of daycare, and you should never question that your child is as comfortable as they can be during it. By tacking on a daycare label to their favorite blanket, they’ll never lose track of it and be cozy, warm, and happily snug during naptime at daycare and when they sleep at home!

2.Clothes (Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Hats, Scarves, and More)
It’s easy for your child to lose sight of various clothing items (jackets, hats, scarves, and extra outfits) or for the daycare staff to mix them up. You can essentially rid yourself of these mishaps by placing sturdy daycare name labels on them.

Try out these Clothing Labels from Sticky Monkey Labels. They’re exceptionally sturdy, high-quality, and laundry-safe, meaning they’ll stick on and “stick” around!

How many times have you struggled to find one of your child’s shoes? Or mixed up their shoes with another child’s? Kicking off shoes is easy for your young one– but locating them later isn’t.

By sticking some labels into their shoes, you can rid yourself of the detective-like searches to find their shoes at home and at daycare. These durable, water-proof Shoe Labels from Sticky Monkey Labels are a great option for adding to your child’s shoes.

If your child requires specific medication to be administered in your absence, then you should absolutely label it! By adding name labels to their medicine, you are ensuring that all staff members are aware of who gets the medicine, what the medicine is, and the dates and/times of necessary administration.

5.Meal Containers and Water Bottles
Sending your child to daycare with nourishment is a must. This nourishment includes meals, snacks, juice boxes, and water bottles. By clearly labeling these items, you are indicating that they are strictly for your child.

This is especially ideal because it will greatly reduce the risk of your child or another child accidentally ingesting something that they are allergic to! And, of course, it will increase the likelihood that these items will come home with your child for future use.

6.Milk Bottles
If your child is still drinking milk, you should send them to daycare with properly labeled milk bottles. These labels will clarify to whom the milk bottles belong to, when the milk bottles were filled, and what the contents of the bottles are. This way, there is little confusion and more chances of them returning to you.

Try out these Milk Bottle Labels from Sticky Monkey Labels, which are dishwasher safe and bottle warmer safe!

When it comes to your child and their daycare, you want them to fully enjoy themselves and come home to you with all their belongings! To ensure that all happens, we highly recommend sticking daycare name labels on the above items– and others that you deem necessary!

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