Here’s what you can sell as a business

Starting a new business is an exciting concept for lots of people. Being your own boss and in charge of your own success, seems like a dream, compared to many traditional jobs. However, there is a lot more to it than that, and it can be very stressful.

While this shouldn’t put anyone off, it’s certainly worth noting. One of the biggest worries someone who wants to start a new business may have, is: “What can I sell”? It’s all well and good wanting to start up a business, but you must be sure of what you have to offer.

Here are the types of things you can sell as a business.


If you have a service to offer your customers, this can really be all you need to run a successful business. If you think about it, the world is full of people that need services.

From plumbers and electricians, to graphic designers and writers, there are so many services out there that people and other businesses are looking for. If you have a skill or trade that can be sold as a service, you don’t have to worry about coming up with a product to sell. Starting your own business with whatever skill you have to offer, can be profitable.

Let’s say you’re a graphic designer working for a big company; going self-employed and offering these services to those who need them, could be much more lucrative than working for one employer.

Selling a service often doesn’t require materials – it’s more about your time and energy. This is an avenue that many businesses and self-employed individuals, go down, and it can be a good choice for the right person.


Just looking around your home, you will see that products are a very common thing to sell. All of the commodities at your disposal, have been bought by you (or others) from various businesses at some point.

Even the products that you produced, had to be created through purchasing materials.

If you find a product that you can manufacture and sell, you can really do well. This is especially the case if you find the right target audience and market your product to them.

Selling a product, often requires equipment and materials. Just like others will buy this product from you, you can find what you need from other businesses. You can visit for conveyor belts and research companies in your area that sell the materials you might need.

Non-physical products

This category sits somewhere between a service and a product. In the age of the internet, not all of the products you buy, are tangible.

If you’re a writer, selling your e-books online, can be a great way to earn a second income without having to put the time, energy and money into creating a physical product. As technology advances, there will be more and more of these non-physical products available, meaning it’s a great business to get into.

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