A comfortable steering wheel cover is a great addition to your car. The cover provides both aesthetic and useful benefits. The most basic function of the steering wheel cover is to protect your vehicle’s steering wheel from dirt, insects, and other unsightly stains that could otherwise result in costly repairs over time. A steering wheel cover also serves as protection against bodily fluids such as sweat, spit or dribble that contain bacteria. With a thin steering wheel cover, you can wipe away drops of moisture without having to touch the steering wheel itself. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying a steering wheel cover.


Steering wheel covers are available in a variety of materials including vinyl, leather and suede. A steering wheel cover made of vinyl is easy to clean with soap, water and a damp cloth. Vinyl is inexpensive and easy to find as well. It is also available in different colors that you can match to your vehicle’s interior or upgrade for style.

Steering wheel covers made of leather are more expensive and hard to clean. You need special conditioners to ensure the leather does not dry out. Internationalwholesale offers the best quality leather steering wheel at great prices.

Steering wheel covers made of suede are tough and durable. However, they are also costly and require special attention to ensure that the suede does not erode due to dust particles or moisture.


Steering wheel covers vary in the degree of padding. This is important because a padded cover will have a more comfortable feel and help absorb moisture while a thinner cover will just provide protection against stains and moisture without making you feel too hot or cold when on your hands on it. If you have to drive long distances, you will definitely appreciate the more comfortable padded cover rather than a thin cover.


Steering wheel covers are available in a wide range of colors. Some are even colored to match your vehicle’s interior or style. This is especially important if you would like to upgrade your vehicle’s interior style or if you want it to blend in with the color of your vehicle’s upholstery. You should also select a color that will work well with your existing steering wheel design. For example, if you have an embossed or patterned steering wheel cover, you should avoid selecting a colored steering wheel cover that would wipe away the design.


The design of the steering wheel cover also plays a key role in determining its comfort and ease of use. One thing to consider is whether you would like a thick or thin covering. A thin covering is more comfortable but also more susceptible to moisture. The bottom line is that no matter how thin or hard a steering wheel cover feels, it will not offer great protection if your steering wheel rotates smoothly. Another thing to consider is whether you would prefer a one-piece or two-piece cover. A one-piece cover will protect only part of the steering wheel while a two-piece cover protects the entire wheel, including the base and the grip portion of the wheel.

When choosing a steering wheel cover, remember to take into consideration the above factors as well as your budget. A thin or poorly-made cover will not serve its purpose if it causes you any discomfort. If you can’t afford a top-quality cover but need something that would provide some protection, consider grabbing a thin or cheaper one instead. You can always upgrade it to a more durable one later on when you have more money to spare.

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