Major Difference between Udyam and Udyog Aadhar

In detail, we will discuss the following topics which are  Udyog Aadhar and Udyam registration, criterias for the registration, Need for this registration and the benefits of registration which are provided by the MSME, but mainly we focus on the key differences between both registration Udyog Aadhar registration and Udyam registration.

In this article, The acronym ‘MSME’ is the keyword to understand the process of Registration and the differences between the registrations.

so concisely I would like  to throw the light on MSME :


Acronym ‘ MSME’ stands for the micro, small and medium enterprises. It is a separate branch of the government of India which is the ministry of MSME. MSME is the highest executive body that formulates and administers the rules, regulations, and laws for the MSME ( micro, small and medium enterprises)  in India.  Its headquarters is in New Delhi. the enterprises which are engaged in manufacturing, production, and services are specified in different criterias :

  • Micro enterprises: A plant, company, or enterprise where the investment is below the 25 L, it is a type of micro-enterprise.
  • Small enterprises: when the investment of a plant or enterprise is above 25 L but it is below 5 cr is a small enterprise.
  • Medium enterprises : Here the investment range is between  5 cr and 10 cr, it is a medium enterprise.

Now it is quite clear about the criteria for the MSME.

The MSME sector plays a main role in our Indian economy because a large scale of enterprises are added through the MSME, although it is right that a large part of this sector is in the shaded zone, it means  those enterprises are failing to get registration in the MSME registration scheme for some reason. 

What are the main purposes to introduce the Udyam registration and Udyog Aadhar registration by the government of India(GOI) ?

Main aim to introduce Udyog aadhar and Udyam registration

Udyam registration

The introduction of the Udyam registration was to simplify the process of the registration and to minimise the time consuming for the registration. small scale enterprises, plants or companies can register themselves on the Udyam registration portal in an easy way under the MSME sector.

This registration needs a minimum charge and needs no requirement of paper for the registration.

Udyog Aadhar registration

The ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises provides the Udyog aadhar registration. This process started some years ago, a 12 digit unique identification number is provided, it is said to be the aadhar for business. till this time above 48.5 L enterprises are added under this Udyog Aadhar registration.

The process is Udyog aadhaar memorandum(UAM)  in which an enterprise can be registered through filling one page form, which has been operationalized by the ministry of MSME. 

In order to register, Udyog aadhar makes the process of registration easy.

 Many applicants are still confused about where they should apply for the registration,  on the Udyam registration portal or the Udyog aadhar registration.

so there are a number of differences between the Udyam registration and the Udyog aadhar registration.

Now look at the key differences between bothe the registration :

Key differences between Udyam and Udyog aadhar registration

 The main differences between both the Udyog Aadhar registration and Udyam registration are as below :

There are many differences between both types of registration. But now Udyog aadhar registration and Udyam registration are the same from July, 2020 because Udyog aadhar registration is turned into Udyam registration from July 2020. 

  • Under the Udyog aadhar registration,  it is not connected with the other government web portal ex.  GeM portal (Government e-Marketplace, it is such a web portal where all the common goods and services are procured online) 
  • But under the Udyam registration, it is completely connected with the other portals as I mentioned above.
  • If we compare the process of registration, Udyog aadhar demands a few details whereas Udhyam registration if we go on the Udyam registration portal it has a long-form that requires all information of applicants like income tax and the GST details.
  • There is no need for aadhar link mobile details for the Udyog aadhar registration but on the Udyam registration portal, it requires only the aadhar card which is linked with your mobile number.
  • Earlier there was a lengthy process for getting a Udyog aadhar registration certificate and the process was too confusing and time-consuming for the new enterprises because here there were many categories and many pages you have to go through. 

            here on the portal, there was a  

            lot of paperwork and you were   

required to upload certain documents on the given portal. 

  •  On the other side of the Udyam registration portal, it has only a single window for the applicants which is paperless and no need to provide the extra documents or certificates to register on this portal.
  • On the other hand, due to a lot of confusion or simple mistakes, the applicant’s registration process was hampered.

So to curb these problems we have a new registration process to combat the difficulties we are facing, known as the Udyam registration.

  • Any enterprises or business owners for the registration under the MSME, have to file the easy way of registration on the Udyam registration portal which is based on the self-declaration with no demand for the number of documents,  papers, and ID and address proof.  
  • After finishing the registration process, enterprises are assigned with the permanent entities under the MSME and provide a unique registration number which is a Udyam registration number. After this, a certificate is provided which is the udyam registration certificate.


So in detail, we have provided an ample amount of facts that helps the users to understand the differences between the Udyog Aadhar registration and Udyam registration and the process of registration with additional facts. 

I hope these facts will help the users to differentiate between both types of registration, with the help of these facts an applicant or business owner can identify the key differences.

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