Must See Attractions in Freeport

If you are new to the Freeport, then read the article to know what its best attraction to explore is. The city is located in Brazoria County and is a great place to visit along the Gulf Coast of Texas. The city is full of beaches, and museums. The city is famous for housing a perfume factory. The city is also popular for its pretty Gulf Coast beaches.

So, fund out some Surfside Beach, Quintana Beach County Park, and Bryan Beach which are the three most popular beaches in Freeport with Spirit Airlines Flight Booking.

1. Garden of the Groves

Come to the garden of groves that is located at the west end of Grand Bahama. Here, there are scrub pine and asphalt which offers a green maze of walkways, trees, and water. This garden feature is like discovering an oasis. However, the gardens are named not for the leafy glades. It is named for Wallace Groves who was the controversial financier who changed Freeport and Lucaya from sleepy backwaters into essential stops for the international jet set. 

2. Perfume Factory

This factory in the Freeport is also known as Fragrance of the Bahamas. The factory occupies a three-story pink Bahamian house located at the rear of the International Bazaar. There are free tours (during the week) that will make you see and reveal some secrets of production. You can choice up a bottle of the ever-popular Pink Pearl. You can also blend your signature sniff.

3. Taino Beach

Rush to this attraction in the Freeport which is the island’s second-most popular beach. The beach is a postcard-perfect stretch of white sand. The beach also has ample parking, with a handful of seafood shacks and the Pirate’s Cove adventure park. You can enjoy a drive at this beach. You can also take the ferry behind Pelican Bay Hotel.

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4. Churchill Beach & Fortune Beach

This attraction is located east of Taino Beach. Visit the Churchill and Fortune Beaches which are equally glorious and even less crowded. Mostly, people come here to spend evening’s time with some snacks and playful activities.

5. Lucaya Beach

Another beach site to visit is located at the doorstep of the Grand Lucayan Beach & Golf Resort. This beach is Grand Bahama’s highly crowded beach. At this beach, you can find something adventurous. People who love parasailing can come here. There are many activities including parasailing and snorkelling. You can also get your hair braided or order a bowl of conch salad. So, guys have fun and enjoy meals at this stunning beach in Freeport.

6. William’s Town Beach

Another beach that is worth visiting is Island Seas Beach. This beach offers a narrow strip of sand just west of Lucaya Beach. The beach is known not for its beauty, but its several beach bars.

Hop into this beach to enjoy the waves and have a party in the bars with your loved ones with Spirit Airlines Flight Booking.

7. Manado Beach

One of the most famous sites in Freeport is this beach that has been dominated by the decaying Xanadu Resort. At this beach, you will find eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes who spent the last years of his life holed up. Visit Xanadu Beach which is located far enough from Port Lucaya. This beach has less number of crowds. So, you can have less crowd to have unlimited fun!

So, these are some of the most famous attractions in the city of Freeport. If you are a minor and traveling alone, you can use the Spirit Airlines Minors Policy.

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