Project Management Software & How Does It Help In Task Tracking?


Tools for managing projects are meant to help individuals or groups stay on top of their work. Typically, when people talk about “PM tools,” they mean software and online resources for managing projects that you can buy or use for free. Task tracking has been one of the most popular features amongst organizations to help them monitor work progress.

Task Tracking In Project Management Software

In order to facilitate communication between members of a project team, task tracking software designed for this purpose has replaced the use of paper notes and email. There is no need for a disconnect between remote workers and their in-office counterparts. The top project management tool online also facilitates information sharing and teamwork. 

To manage a project’s tasks is to keep tabs on them as they progress through their various phases.

Tools designed for managing projects aren’t limited to project managers, despite the name. In order to meet the needs of teams of varying sizes and scopes, affordable project management software can be modified in a number of ways.

So, what functions should you look for in a project management tool online?

The following are examples of characteristics that can be found in project management software:

Tasks, subtasks, folders, templates, workflows, and calendars are all part of a project manager’s arsenal for planning and allocating work.

Assigning tasks, task tracking, making comments, setting up dashboards, and reviewing and approving changes are all examples of collaborative activities that can be facilitated by using project management tool online in place of email.

File management tools that permit multiple edits and saves of file versions help with documentation by reducing the risk of lost or corrupted data.

How do you define an Affordable project management software?

Program management software is quite similar to project management software. Let’s compare some programs and projects before contrasting project management software and solutions.

Typically, projects have defined beginning and ending dates, with objectives that can be achieved in a very short amount of time and result in a final product or deliverable that can be used immediately. When determining whether or whether a project is feasible, factors such as money, time, and resources are taken into account. In contrast, programs are made up of a number of related projects that, when completed, accomplish a more extensive business goal. Whereas project managers are in charge of each individual project, program managers are in charge of a collection of projects working together to achieve a common goal.

The most effective program management solutions have sophisticated features that allow users to monitor multiple projects simultaneously and analyze their interdependencies. These resources may consist of:

  • Multiple perspectives on work flexibility
  • Management of assets across organizational silos
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Schedules with Gantt Charts
  • Timesheets

Evaluation: Monitor and assess productivity and development by means of resource management and reporting. 

Planning: Organize individual projects with the aid of project planning tools; manage multiple, interconnected projects that contribute to a larger, overarching business objective with program management tools.


The ability of project managers and team members to remain on top of project work is greatly enhanced by task tracking software.

Task management entails monitoring individual actions to ensure they are completed. While project management necessitates meeting defined start and conclusion dates, tasks may not. It is a subset of project management since you cannot successfully deliver a project unless all work items are completed.

Workers may be in charge of duties that are unrelated to a project.

But what if you get to have both all these features in a single software? 

IPPBX brings you one such software to make projects and task tracking “EZ” for you.

EZ-Project by IPPBX lets you monitor your employees and their task progress while overviewing the project as well. IPPBX  EZ Project is a modular platform with a unified interface and a single login for all users. IPPBX’s private cloud solution includes a set of tools and features designed to guarantee business continuity with complete openness and minimal disruption, making it possible for customers, partners, and employees inside and outside the company to collaborate and communicate in real-time regardless of physical location or time zone.

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