Studying couples treatment and how to choose

There are several approaches to couples treatment. The approach you choose depends on the type of problems you and your partner are facing. For example, you may need to choose a different approach if your relationship has been plagued by violence or extradyadic affairs. There are also many types of psychological and health issues that can affect a relationship.


Couples who want a structured approach can try CBCT, which is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy. It aims to enhance collaborative problem-solving skills. The treatment uses tools to help couples learn active listening and how to communicate their thoughts, needs, and feelings. The program also aims to improve the quality of intimacy and friendship between the partners.

The CBCT study is also useful for diagnosing dentoalveolar injuries. This type of imaging can reveal details that are not possible to discern from conventional radiographic methods. For example, CBCT can show a tooth’s vertical position in any view, without the use of predefined ‘default’ views. It can also help in endodontic diagnosis, although there are some limitations to its use. One of the most important things to consider is the amount of radiation that will be emitted during CBCT.

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is a therapeutic method that helps couples work through many issues in their relationship. The therapist guides the couple through structured conversation that minimizes judgment and hurtful comments. During the first step of Imago therapy, couples mirror each other, and the sender repeats the words or phrases they want the receiver to say in the same tone. This method is particularly useful for couples who struggle with communication during a conflict, and are seeking a deeper connection.

Couples who undergo Imago therapy have a better understanding of the dynamics of love. They will learn about their own unique correlations and learn how conflicts arise in their relationships. They will also be able to experience a new sense of empathy and compassion that will help them stabilize their relationships. A prescription drug called Cenforce 150mgTablet is used to treat men’s erectile dysfunction.


Studying a couple of treatments with EFT can be a challenge. But there are many benefits of this type of therapy. Among other things, it helps couples develop a more secure attachment and develop a better understanding of each other’s needs. It also improves a couple’s ability to resolve problems and work on the past. Developed by Les Greenberg and Sue Johnson in the 1980s, EFT has several steps that help couples heal their relationship.

The process of EFT therapy involves tracking the client’s inner emotional realities and reflecting on interpersonal responses. This helps the therapist to focus the session and validate the client’s perceptions. This process is especially effective when the client feels heard and has a second chance to present the experience in a more expansive context. The therapist also focuses the session on the emotional dimension and aims to understand the client’s attachment process in greater depth.

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