Tips to save money while purchasing expensive diamond rings in Hatton Garden

Saving money isn’t easy for everyone. Whereas, some people are expert money savers.  Some hacks help them to save money. Hey, wait! Those hacks are not magical, okay. If you know the crux, you can also save money even while buying a diamond. Wanna know the tips for saving money while buying a diamond. Read this guide and you can also be a pro in buying diamond rings by saving bucks.

Budget setting

Before buying a diamond ring, set the ceiling of the maximum amount you can spend. This is because you can get carried away as soon as you step into a jewelry store with glamorous designs. It might encourage you to spend more of your savings. So, not making a budget beforehand is the easiest way to spend too much on a diamond. Always keep an amount in mind that represents the limit you want to spend on a diamond ring. Another good way to save while buying a diamond ring is saving money a year before buying the product. Check out the Hatton garden diamonds to buy a budget-friendly diamond.

Go for gold instead of Platinum

Platinum will cost you much more than other metals like white or yellow gold. If you are keen to buy platinum, because you know that diamond looks clearer and sparkles brightly, you can try white gold. White gold looks similar to platinum and shines the same. Platinum would be a much more expensive option, so buying an 18-carat white gold ring will easily save your cash without letting you compromise on the shine and quality of the ring. It will give you the same effect as platinum. You can also try your diamond on 18-carat yellow gold. Diamond studded yellow gold rings also look fabulous when worn. Asian countries like India, China, and Indonesia are the highest consumers of gold jewelry and they usually wear a diamond set in yellow gold rings or chains.

Avoid round-cut diamond rings

Although round-cut diamond rings look much more glamorous and are popular, the cost of these rings is 25% more than other shapes of diamonds and can make your pocket burn. The significant price difference is because of the way these round diamonds have been cut. A lot of diamonds are lost while cutting them in round shape, therefore the suppliers make their profit by increasing the price of the finished product. Along with saving money, you can also cut costs by avoiding any popular-shaped diamond rings. Presently, oval-shaped diamonds are in demand because celebs wear them. Avoid these shapes to get closer to your budget.

Choose lab-grown diamonds. 

If you want to buy a diamond ring without making a huge hole in your pocket, then lab grown diamonds are the perfect option you can opt for. Lab-grown diamonds are almost 40% less costly than natural diamonds. However, they are as pure as the natural diamond as it is made under the same circumstances where the natural diamonds form. It’s just that the Earth stays protected and free from mining manipulations when lab-grown diamonds are being made. Apart from this fact, there is no other difference between lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds.

Diamond till date is considered the most precious stone and one should have at least one diamond ring in their wardrobe. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can save some bucks while buying a diamond ring for sure.

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