Are you getting irritated by constant phone rings?  Do you face spam calls on your phone one after the other? You can get rid of unpleasant and unwanted phone calls by reading our guide about the top 4 call blocker apps for android.

We all are the victims of downright annoyance by receiving calls from scammers and marketing agencies. Scammers, marketing agencies, and predators become the reasons for our mood swings and irritation.

Parents are more likely to be insecure about their teens from random calls on their phones built-in features in cell phones may block calls but are not as effective as the commercial apps that enable you to restrict calls on another phone.

You have to use a third-party app to block calls on another android phone. You can see them over the internet.

We have accumulated apps best in the business these days that you can use to get the job done.

We are helping you here to guide you about the top application for call blocking on other android phones.

Users can read the below-mentioned applications following their position and know about the call blocker app for android in 2022.

Top 4 call blocker apps for android phones

Here are the top cell phone calls blocking solutions that you can use on your android phones to restrict unwanted or random incoming calls. Let’s discuss them one by one!


It is also known as the best cell phone spy software but offers features to block cell phone activities. Users can install the app on another cell phone device and activate features such as blocking calls, blocking the internet, and blocking text messages on another cellphone device. It is one of the best call blocker apps that empower you to block multiple incoming and unwanted phone calls.


  • It is the best app to block incoming phone calls on any cellphone device
  • It is cheap but effective for blocking, tracking, and monitoring phone calls
  • It is hidden and undetectable call blocker software


  • It does not work remotely

TheOneSpy Features:

  • Block incoming calls
  • Block outgoing calls
  • Record phone calls
  • Block text messages
  • Block internet access
  • Call intercept


OgyMogy is well-known cell phone monitoring software that also works as the best call blocker app. It is non-rooted and hidden call blocking software that you can install on any other cell phone device connected to the cyberspace. Users can use it to monitor safeguard kids from strangers, and online predators. Business professionals can use it to block un-wanted calls on business devices to enhance business safety, and productivity.


  • Hidden phone monitoring & call blocking app
  • Compatible with android, and iPhone devices
  • Undetectable app on target cell phone device
  • Cheap in price


  • Require physical access to block calls and messages
  • Does not install remotely on target cell phone

OgyMogy Features

  • Block phone calls
  • Block text messaging
  • Block instant messaging
  • Block internet access
  • View installed apps


Truecaller is one of the popular cell phone number locks app. it can identify contact numbers that enable users to block calls from its hidden source. The application has collected more than 2 billion contact numbers to make it more effective for users to block unwanted calls on their cellphone. The application can access your phone and contact numbers that have made its big database. It is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.


  • No ads
  • It block numbers prefix
  • User-friendly


  • Auto lock to deal with spam calls is not free
  • Use premium to know name of the caller

Call control

Call control is a free application that offer service of reverse phone lockup and call blocker feature. Users can install the app on the target device to blacklist text messages as well. It is free call blocking software with user-friendly interface. App works with community blacklist that gathers information about scam reported numbers. It is compatible with the android, and iOS devices.


  • See caller ID
  • View past spam calls of a caller
  • Record phone calls automatically
  • Call reminders
  • Default storage & upgrades


  • Not compatible with iOS
  • Free version contain ads & not as effective as paid
  • Have to create a user account


Are you dealing with unwanted, irritating, and spam calls? You can use any one of these best call blocker services to block calls on your phones and get a peace of mind. Moreover, you can protect your kids and businesses to the fullest. In our opinion, you should go for TheOneSpy or OgyMogy to block calls on your cellphones.

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