It is always exciting to add to a jewelry collection but sad to imagine having to replace a piece if it becomes damaged. It is important to take extra care of jewelry, no matter how durable it appears to be, to guarantee longevity. It seems impossible to keep them looking as good as new, but this is not the case. Jewelry is often passed through generations when properly handled, so consider these tips for preserving your new favorite piece for as long as possible.

Prioritize Safe Storage

Although jewelry storage is typically overlooked beyond aesthetic purposes, it is a crucial part of caring for new pieces. There are a few factors that contribute to the safe storage of jewelry. Firstly, the container should be as airtight as possible to prevent air and moisture from entering and discoloring the materials due to oxidation. To protect the jewelry, storing pieces with moisture-absorbing items like chalk or silica packets can be beneficial. Finally, try to keep gold and silver pieces separate to protect the finish from being scratched. By prioritizing safe storage, jewelry can be kept out of harm’s way when not in use.

Keep Them Dry

Despite higher quality jewelry dealing better with moisture, it is most effective to avoid it as much as possible. This includes taking off rings when washing hands and neck pieces when showering to keep them from eroding. It is crucial that this is also the case when encountering the sea, swimming pools, or saunas. Additionally, taking off jewelry to apply lotion, hairspray, and perfume is helpful in preventing damage.

Rotate Your Favorite Pieces

It is easy to become attached to pieces of jewelry but giving them a rest from being worn is necessary. The most risk to jewelry is due to prolonged wear and tear, so people should always consider rotating between favorite pieces to keep them lasting longer. If there is not enough jewelry in the collection to alternate, it might be time to consider buying some new jewelry from a reputable seller like or your favorite website. This will ensure that jewelry is safely stored to preserve pieces for longer.

Clean Gently

Finally, a common mistake people make is to soak their jewelry to clean the material. This is, in fact, damaging and should be avoided at all costs. Any cleaning should be done gently, using a damp cloth or, for finer details, a makeup brush or Q-Tip. Never dip into harsh chemicals. Either use warm water or designated jewelry cleaning products that are certified to be non-tarnishing. This will ensure that the coating of the jewelry is not worn down.

If you take care of your new jewelry, you do not have to worry about replacing the piece due to it becoming damaged. If stored safely, kept dry, rotated with other pieces, and cleaned gently, jewelry can maintain its quality for a long time. By adopting these habits, your new jewelry care with benefit the life of your pieces. Plus, the need to let your favorite pieces rest is a good excuse to buy more!

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