Typed Of Tents to Rent in NYC Offered By Event Rental Company

Wedding season is in full swing and everyone is preparing, waiting and fidgeting. An outdoor wedding in the summer is a popular choice among couples. Numerous preparations must go into planning an outdoor wedding but the most important step is selecting the appropriate tent. A wedding tent is a meticulously crafted structure made for many guests, unlike your normal camping pup-tent. Knowing what each sort of tent has to offer is important since this planners, couples and guests all have distinct preferences, demands and requirements. It’s also crucial to comprehend the many fabric choices you have because not all tent materials are created equal.  

Types of tents used for wedding events

There are Typed of tents to rent in NYC to take into account but for wedding/event tent rental companies, there are four crucial types of wedding tents to concentrate on: 

Pole Tent: On grassy terrain, this is the most fundamental fabric configuration. These are often anchored into the grass and are quite basic with open sides.

Pole Tent with Side Walls: These tents have side walls that enable a more private appearance and feel much like the regular pole tent previously mentioned.

Frame Tent: Compared to a pole tent, this alternative is more adaptable and may be utilized on much terrain. These also provide you the choice of concrete and asphalt surfaces because nothing needs to be staked into the ground. The additional advantage is that these tents don’t have poles inside as pole tents do, giving you more room to work with.

Although the industry should consider these four tent options to be standard and you may still give your clients extra features like windows and valances. The options become nearly unlimited when you take into account various tent fabric color options, forms and layouts. 

Couples and wedding planners

It takes some investigation and consideration to choose the ideal wedding tent. Do you want to get married in the morning or the evening? These elements will assist you and your wedding planner in selecting the tent that best suits your requirements. Before renting a this tent, it’s crucial to know how many guests you will have because they come in all different sizes and forms. You might want to think about utilizing a frame tent if you want a dancing floor. A frame tent is another excellent option if you need plenty of tables and seats. You should also think about your tent’s color because not all wedding tents are white. 

How to attract customers seeking large tents

Large wedding tents are a prominent component at some of life’s most important occasions. The first thing visitors notice when approaching your wedding site is sometimes a large typed of tents to rent in NYC. They provide a backdrop for the most significant occasions in your client’s life. You should think about the color of your event tent because your wedding has a theme and color scheme.

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