Web hosting is defined as storage space specially designed for websites. As an average user, when you want to keep documents on your computer, you save them directly to your PC’s hard drive. Well, web hosting allows the same thing, but for the content of websites. So that all Internet users can visit the sites and consult all the content therein 24 hours a day, the latter is stored on a server connected to the Internet. These storage spaces are offered by professionals in the business who are web hosts.

The different types of web hosting

Shared Hosting

This is the most used type of accommodation. The operation of shared hosting is characterized by sharing the same server with other users. This means several tens or hundreds of websites are installed on an identical server. Internet sites practicing shared hosting, therefore, share the same hardware resources as well as the bandwidth of the system. It should note that if you opt for this type of Web Hosting, you will not have access to the data of other valuable sites and vice versa.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) or more commonly known as a virtual private server, differs on one point from shared hosting. Websites with this system only share a physical server, but each account is created separately and uses its dedicated resources. This hosting often offers more memory space and storage capacity. It is better to be an experienced user before choosing VPS hosting as it still requires some technical skills.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is unique because you have the entire server for yourself. By adopting this type of web hosting, you do not share the server with other accounts. Instead, you rent the whole server from a single host. Your data is separated from other customer accounts but is well-kept and saved on an individualized physical server. Dedicated hosting guarantees performance and security, but it is reserved for high-end customers for whom spending thousands of euros monthly is not a problem.

cloud hosting

The peculiarity of cloud hosting is that it does not only depend on one but on several virtual servers. Your website is therefore hosted on a group of servers linked to each other. It is a relatively recent Web Hosting in Pakistan that somewhat rivals shared hosting since it offers better performance at a rather attractive cost. However, it is criticized for respecting data protection.

How to choose your web hosting?

The type of website

First of all, the first criterion to consider before determining your web hosting is the type of site you have or wish to set up. Is it an online store? A showcase site? A blog? Depending on the type of site, you will have a different interest in choosing one host or another.

According to his needs

Here again, specific, precise, and essential questions are to be asked to allow you to choose your web hosting, such as:

  • How big will your site be?
  • Will you have many images to insert?
  • What actions will your visitors have to do most often?
  •   What traffic do you expect?
  •   Etc.

This collected data thus makes it possible to know which technical resources are necessary for your web hosting.


It would help to choose your web hosting according to your CMS (content management system) or your e-commerce platform. Indeed, whether you have a blog, a showcase site, or a store, your CMS differs depending on the type of site, and your hosting must be compatible with it. Very often, the web host offers CMS integration in its formulas.

Hosting of email addresses

Also, check that the chosen hosting can create several email addresses. Indeed, some hosts provide this service, and others do not. Depending on the domain name of your site, you can opt for the creation of several email addresses. Very practical for a company with several employees.

The level of security

This is a criterion that should be considered. The security of your web hosting is crucial. Before choosing your host, remember to check its data protection policy, what it offers in terms of GDPR, data backup, and protection against computer attacks, etc. It is essential to pay particular attention to the security aspect of your hosting.

The price

Of course, choose your Web Hosting in Lahore based on the price, but above all, on your needs and the features, it offers. Make sure that the offers made by the hosts are good value for money. You will undoubtedly find attractive prices, but you will need more than these to guarantee you, for example, efficient technical support. And on the contrary, spend only a few sums for features you will not need. Make comparisons.

Technical support

In the event of disturbances on your site or a service interruption, you must be able to contact technical support quickly and obtain an appropriate and instantaneous solution. It is essential that you can exchange with a contact from the host, especially if you have no technical knowledge.

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