Who Wants a Second COVID-19 Booster Shot Proper Now?

Speak of a second COVID-19 booster shot is in the air, however, you are not alone if you happen to be uncertain about what any of it precisely means for you.

“The FDA not too long ago licensed a second booster dose of both the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for older adults and sure immunocompromised people,” says Dr. Ashley Drews, medical director of infection prevention and management at Houston Methodist.

However, even with this authorization, you probably nonetheless have some questions.

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Can I Get A Second Booster Shot?

You might be eligible for a second booster shot of Pfizer or Moderna if:

  • It has been not less than 4 months since your first booster dose
  • You might be 50+ or
  • You might be immunocompromised (and not less than 12 years previous**)

In case you do not meet these standards, you should still have the ability to get a second Pfizer or Moderna booster shot by way of a doctor-prescribed dose.

As a result of both vaccines being fully approved by the FDA, your physician can select to prescribe one other dose of both the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine as a second booster, primarily based on his or her finest judgment for off-label prescribing.

Nonetheless, simply because you will get one other dose, does that imply you ought to get one proper now?

Ought To I Get A Second Covid-19 Booster Proper Now?

In keeping with Dr. Drews, the reply primarily is dependent upon your age and any medical situations you may have.

“I would not wait to get your second booster in case you have an excessive private danger of getting significantly unwell if you happen to catch COVID-19,” says Dr. Drews.

For most weak individuals, this is applicable even when COVID-19 instances aren’t excessive within the space.

Excessive danger teams embrace people who find themselves:

  • 65+
  • Significantly immunocompromised
  • 50+ and have underlying well-being situations, like diabetes

On the flip aspect, nevertheless, Dr. Drews says that not each individual eligible ought to really feel like they should rush to get a second booster.

“Within the absence of different severe medical situations, we’re not satisfied that boosters at the moment supply important profit to those beneath the age of 60,” Dr. Drews provides.

As an illustration, if you happen to be 55 and haven’t any medical situations, there’s probably no hurt in ready to get your subsequent booster till the profit to wholesome adults turns into extra clear — though Dr. Drews provides that there is probably no hurt in getting one other dose proper now, both.

Lastly, if you happen to have had COVID-19 very not too long ago, you may also safely wait to get one other booster.

“In case you had the primary booster and a confirmed omicron infection with a PCR check, we don’t suppose you want a second booster at the moment,” says Dr. Drews.

Is It Price It To Attend On An Omicron-Specific Booster?


“In case you’re an excessive danger, do not wait,” says Dr. Drews. “It is not clear whether or not omicron-specific boosters are advantageous. Moreover, by the point such a booster is offered, omicron might have been outdated by one other variant.”

In different phrases, there are too many unknowns to base plans and actions on potential omicron-specific boosters — particularly for many who are in excessive danger.

Ought To Journey Be Factored Into Your Second Booster Decision-Making?

For these eligible however, beneath 60 and without pre-existing well-being situations, the upcoming journey may very well be a motive to get your second booster sooner slightly than later — particularly if you happen to tour to a space with larger caseloads.

“Consider, nevertheless, that it’s best to plan forward to get your booster shot not less than two weeks previous to your journey so you possibly can reap the total profit,” provides Drews.

Do You Have To Change To A Unique Vaccine On Your Second Booster?

We have all probably puzzled one or the opposite.

Each vaccine is extremely efficient, however, does mixing and matching actually present stronger safety?

“It has now been prove to protect to change from one mRNA vaccine to the opposite, similar to from Pfizer to Moderna or vice versa, and research recommend potential elevate immune response when doing so,” Dr. Drews provides.

Will A Second Covid-19 Booster Shot Want For Everybody Finally?

A second booster dose might finally want for everybody for a similar motive a primary booster shot was really useful final fall and winter: to extend protecting immunity when there’s concern it might be waning.

There is not any rapid concern of this in younger, wholesome individuals proper now, although — lots of whom probably additionally had confirmed omicron infections not too long ago.

Nonetheless, as we have seen time and time once more throughout this pandemic, the scenario might change.

The BA.2 “stealth” omicron variant is predict to trigger an uptick in COVID-19 instances, nevertheless, it’s not anticipate to trigger one other full-blown surge like we notice this winter with the BA.1 variant.

Nevertheless, a brand new variant able to inflict one other surge might come up sooner or later difficult protecting immunity extra usually and warranting a second booster for everybody.

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