Why are organic vegetable seeds difficult to find in India?

vegetable seeds in India

Vegetables are the basis of human existence on the planet. A wide range and huge variety of vegetables are grown and enjoyed in different parts of the world. The growth and demand for vegetables have increased continuously with time. There is already an extensive range of vegetables in the world and organic vegetables are certainly a popular category of vegetables. Organic, as we all know is the type of vegetable grown without the need for preservatives and chemicals of any kind.

Lately, there has been a huge demand for organic vegetable seeds in India because plenty of farmers and companies across the world started investing more in the growth of organic vegetables. In this article, we will talk about the increase in demand for organic vegetable seeds in India. We will also explore the difficulties that the farmers encounter when it comes to finding organic vegetable seeds in India.

Are farmers and companies find it difficult to get organic vegetable seeds in India?

Probably some time back it would be a little difficult for the farmers and companies to find organic vegetable seeds in India, however, now, with the increasing awareness and demand for organic produce, more options are available for the farmers to buy the seeds.

Finding out the top companies to buy organic seeds:

To buy the best quality organic vegetable seeds, you will need to find out the companies that supply vegetable seeds in India. Although, there are many suppliers of seeds, not all of them supply organic seeds as well. Therefore, you will need to first list down all the options and then find out one supplier that sells good quality organic vegetable seeds as well. Also, there could be some suppliers who sell a certain type of organic vegetable seeds only, whereas, some a wide range of seeds. Thus, only after you know the list of suppliers and the type of seeds they supply; then only you can make the right decision.

Organic seeds require special efforts and care 

One of the reasons that probably makes it a little difficult to find organic vegetable seeds in India; then other seeds could be that organic seeds require special effort. Therefore, the companies that want to supply organic seeds will need to have the correct processes in place to source and supply organic seeds to the buyers. And therefore, there could be just some companies that have that specific provision. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that the availability of vegetable seeds is higher than organic seeds. But, the increased demand for organic vegetable seeds in India has also inspired many seeds companies to sell organic seeds as well.

Let’s explore the reasons behind the increased demand for organic vegetables: 

Awareness of organic produce 

One of the biggest reasons for the increased popularity of organic vegetables is that people are now more aware of organic farming and produce. Customers are interested to buy more organic vegetables; even if they have to pay a little extra for the organic produce. This is because the world is now more aware of the benefits of organic foods. Therefore, the health-conscious people; who want to eliminate the ill effects of some of the pesticides are keener towards adopting organic produce. Therefore, now the seeds companies are supplying a high volume of organic vegetable seeds in India.

Increases knowledge of organic seeds and how to get maximum yield 

Apart from the increased awareness about organic produce amongst the consumers; there is no doubt about the fact that there is an increased awareness amongst the farmers as well. Farmers have more knowledge about organic farming and they are willing to use the organic farming processes well. Farmers are buying organic vegetable seeds in India from sellers for farming. This has also given rise to more availability of organic produce in the market.


Although, there is no doubt about the fact that organic produce and farming are considered costlier than the regular ways of farming and regular produce. However, with the increased demand, awareness, and knowledge, organic ways of farming are becoming more cost-effective than before. As a result, the farmers are not hesitant to go for organic farming.

Are you also looking to go for organic farming? If yes, then you will certainly find several options to buy organic vegetable seeds in India from the buyers. It is not as difficult as it was probably a few years back. However, the buyers need to find out the companies that can supply good-quality organic seeds. Also, farmers will need to use the best practices to get a high yield from the organic seeds.

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