Why Understanding User Intent Is Key To Successful SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is primarily about making your website or web pages more visible to relevant audiences. While different technicalities are involved in boosting SEO performance, professionals who provide SEO services Vancouver agree that understanding search intent should be one of your top priorities.

But What Is Search Intent?

Search intent refers to what the users wish to achieve when they key in a certain query in a search engine. Knowing what users need or want for businesses that offer SEO services Toronto provides solid guidance as to what types of content they should help create, optimize, and distribute.

Typically, keywords fall into four main search intents:

Informational. Users want to find general information or an answer to a specific question (e.g. What are motorized projector screens?)

Commercial. Users want to learn more about services or brands (e.g. Brand X vs Brand Y projector screen)

Transactional. Users look for information with the intent of making a purchase or completing an action (e.g. Buy Brand X screen projector screen)

Navigational. Users search to find a particular website or webpage (e.g. Brand X website)

Thankfully today, you don’t have to discern them on your own because that would be too time-consuming and simply challenging. Many tools are available to help businesses and SEO experts identify search intent (there are cases wherein a keyword may have mixed search intents).

Why Search Intent Matters To Your SEO?

Successful and effective SEO services Vancouver heavily involve understanding search intent. Here are the top reasons why.

Smarter keyword usage. By knowing the intent of users, you can select keywords that are more valuable and relevant to them. This helps you avoid using popular keywords and competing with several other websites. If your content and keywords are more aligned with your target audience’s intent, then you can improve your SEO performance, which brings us to the next bullet.

Higher traffic and conversions. Because your content that does meet the user’s search intent is now ranking higher, you can also experience a boost in your website traffic. And it doesn’t simply end with that. If your offering or content is compelling and insightful enough, they would even proceed to take the next action: to learn more about your product or service or avail of it immediately.

Better content strategy. The foundation of successful SEO campaigns includes relevant original content produced in high quality. And if you can be more clever about what types of content you’ll produce, you’ll be able to save more time, effort, and resources.

Enhanced user satisfaction. Providers of SEO services Toronto consider the time spent by users on a website or web page a good measure of how relevant your content is. If a user doesn’t find anything helpful in your content, they will immediately leave your site — negatively affecting your SEO performance. Meanwhile, if your content is beneficial for them, they will proceed to do business with you. Apart from boosting your bottom line, you can also enhance your brand authority and credibility.

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