It is no doubt that Genesis G90 is a one-of-a-kind luxury sedan in today’s market. It stands at the top when it comes to premium luxury sedans. Its features, looks, performance, and reasonable pricing is what make it better than any of its competitors in today’s market. 

People should be visiting Conshohocken Genesis dealer if they are looking to get the ultimate luxury sedan of their life. However, take a look at things that makes this car one-of-a-kind these days. 


Be it its interior or exterior, every portion is created to perfection by designers of this automobile. Every inch oozes luxury and unique attributes that make it recognizable even from a very far distance. 

Its trapezoidal grille along with its iconic twin-headlight design on both sides and the Genesis logo sitting on hood of this vehicle is more beautiful than one can imagine. The rear portion of this sedan also offers a unique design when it comes to taillights, trunk doors, etc. The indicators on the side of this four-door layout design consist of its iconic twin-headlight design. Also, the sleek and remarkable paint jobs give it the classy aspect it deserves. 

Its interior is highly stylish and comfortable; such an interior can easily compete with other more high-priced car brands like Audi, BMW, etc. This sedan is a long car and thus, offers ample passenger space. Some of the features that take it up a notch in the luxury category include a fragrance diffuser onboard; it helps in purifying air and items that are brought inside the car through its sanitizing anti-microbial system. 

Some other features that one can enjoy inside the cabin include a massage function for seats, Nappa leather upholstery, power-operating sunshades, noise cancellation, a premium speaker system, and more. To check out and understand the number of luxurious aspects this car provides, one should visit Genesis dealer serving Conshohocken.

Power of this vehicle 

The power of this car is delivered by a V6 engine. Two potencies of V6 are available for this car and both are paired with an automatic 8-speed transmission. The standard engine delivers 375 ponies, while the optional choice creates 409 horses; however, this model comes with a hybrid system. The 48-volt supercharge system along with the V6 is what helps the optional powertrain provide such a remarkable system. 

The powertrain with 409 hp takes about 5.1 seconds to reach 0-60 mph; this is one of the quickest cars in the luxury sedan category and would impress anyone. To know more consult a Genesis dealer. 

Reasonable pricing 

One of the reasons that make people opt for this luxury sedan is its pricing. Its features and type of car Genesis provide at such affordable pricing, none of its competitors who charge double can provide. 

The base model of G90 starts from $90,100 and another available E-Supercharged variant costs $99,795. Since luxury is what one needs the most when buying a luxury sedan, one should get the supercharged model to have access to every luxury features one imagines enjoying. 

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