Opal jewelry

Opal jewelry

Purchasing Opal jewelry is more of an investment, as its endless beauty and exquisiteness last for decades, leveraging the charm and glamour of its wearer for years.”

All sorts of Opal ornaments like Opal rings, Opal pendant, Opal Necklace, Opal earrings, etc comes with a lifelong commitment to glorify the personality of their wearer and can also be passed on to generations.

This one-time investment can deliver advantages even to the succeeding generations!

All it would take is adherence to a few caring tips for Opal jewelry by the wearer.

Let’s have a look at 5 simple, yet effective caring tips for Opal jewelry.

The Mild Soap Solution Cleansing for Opal jewelry

If you are looking for a quick hack to give your opal its original shine and charm, then all you would need is a solution of lukewarm water and a few droplets of an odourless soap and a micro fabric cloth. You can use jewelry cloth too.

Just dampen the micro fabric cloth in the water-soap solution and squeeze it gently to pull off the extra water. Now just wipe the wet cloth over your Opal gemstone with a soft hand.

Dry the stone using a dry micro fabric cloth and it will instantly remove all the dust from the stone and your eyes would be shining again from the reflection of the Opal.

In the case of Opal Gemstone Ring, you need to be more cautious of the pressure you are applying, as ruthless pressure can damage the ring.

From Opal Pendants to Opal earrings, this solution will serve as a cleansing agent for your entire Opal collection.

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Avoid Submerging Opal Doublet or Triplet Directly in Water

In the modern process of manufacturing wholesale gemstone jewelry, Opal is usually available in a Doublet or Triplet Variant.

In Opal Doublets, the Opal stone comes with a strong backing like that in an Opal necklace or Opal pendant. And in Opal Triplets, an additional third, transparent layer is added to protect the stone like that in Opal earrings or those precious rings.

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Submerging these doublets or triplets directly under the water can weaken the glue used to attach the backing to the opal.

Moreover, water can also penetrate that third layer of transparent glass. This can make the Opal look blurry and cloudy.

So, it’s better to remove your Opal jewelry before taking a bath or going to relish any water sport activity.

Solid Opal is, however, an exception in this case. Since there is only one layer of carved Opal without any backing or protection, water would not harm the jewelry. Instead, you can clean up your solid opal even more effectively by dropping it in the solution and leaving it undisturbed for a few minutes. Then simply, dry it up using a micro fabric cloth.

Using Ultrasonic Cleaners

Alike all wholesale gemstone jewelry available in the market, Opal also, at some point in time will require professional techniques to resuscitate its lustre and shine.

That’s when the play of ultrasonic cleaners comes into play.

In this technique, high-frequency ultrasonic waves are used to remove stubborn dust particles from the surface of the Opal gemstone. For this, the Opal jewelry is dropped in a special liquid.

Get your jewelry re-polished just after ultrasonic cleaning to give. This will make you feel that someone has gifted you a new opal.

The only drawback with this technique is that it can be used as solid opal.

In the case of opal doublet or triplet, this process might weaken the glue used to hold together. The gemstone with the backing and the additional protection.

Keep Your Opal jewelry Away from Hard and Rough Surfaces

Even being the most valuable and in-demand gemstone in the whole gemstone jewelry market, opal is quite sensitive.

If exposed to hard or rough surfaces, these gemstones can get a scratch or even tiny cracks on their surface. Therefore, to be on the safer side, always store and handle them with utmost care and concern.

For instance, avoid doing gardening or house cleaning while wearing opal rings, as just one contact with a rock or any hard substance, can harm the gemstone on the ring.

Similarly, small Opal Gemstone Jewelry like Opal earrings should not be pilled-up in jewelry boxes as the stone within them may end up banging with the other jewelry stones or the sides of the box or the container.

Always remove the neck wearables, like that precious opal pendant or the opal necklace gently. Don’t pull them ruthlessly and throw them out of agitation. This impulse behaviour can cost you your beautiful gemstone.

Always be Careful About Storing Opal jewelry

To keep Opal lustrous, the storage factor also plays a potent role.

For Opal Necklace and Opal earring which comes in use seldom, it becomes very important to store them carefully.


Always keep in mind to store your Opal gently wrapped up with either a dampened cloth or moist cotton if you’re storing them in a place having low moisture.

Avoid storing them in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight or overheated. In case the heat gets builds up within the stone, it could lead to cracks which will tarnish its alluring look.

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Wrapping Up

That Opal necklace, which your husband has gifted you on your anniversary, or that pair of beautiful Opal earrings that reflect gorgeously on being hit by the light, can remain lustre and shine for years indeed.

All that it demands on your end, is being aware of how you are handling your opal jewelry while wearing them as well as while storing them.

Get the best quality, 100% authentic Opal jewelry in the wholesale gemstone jewelry market.

Happy shopping!

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