6 Most Beautiful Places in Detroit

If planning to tour Detroit, then know here what are its best beautiful sites to explore. Detroit is a popular station in the US that is loaded with plenty of panoramic locations. From art museums to gardens, Detroit has everything which will keep you busy all day!

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1. Belle Isle Park

One of the best attractions in the city is Belle Isle Park. This park is famous as the Belle Isle and is located on the Detroit River. The park is located between the city and Ontario, Canada. In this park, you can learn about the historic pavilions, bridges, and lagoons. Find out the William Livingstone Memorial Lighthouse, plus the James Scott Memorial Fountain. You can also find out the treasured Detroit landmark present with 109 water spouts and intricate carvings.

2. Detroit Opera House

This attraction is located in the city’s entertainment district. Watch the Detroit Opera House which was made as the Capitol Theater in 1922. The theatre had more than 4,200 seats. This theatre was claimed to be the fifth-largest theater in the world. however, this building got its to name changed over the years. 

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3. Sweetest Heart Of Mary Catholic Church

Hop into the grand Gothic Revival Catholic church that is located near Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood. The church has a complex history. The church was founded by a group of Polish Catholics. The church Sweetest Heart of Mary was completed in 1893. 

4. Rivera Court

Welcome to the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) which is the 11th-hour bargain negotiated by foundations, donors, and the state. This court was the only thing that stopped the sale of the museum’s art to pay off the city’s debts. You must come here to know the collection remains one of the city’s cultural treasures. The DIA’s Rivera Court is today, the most significant site in the city with lots of spots that are designed and painted by the Mexican muralist Diego Rivera (Frida Kahlo’s husband), 

5. The Whitney

For those who are in search to dine at one of Detroit’s most magnificent mansions, then rush to The Whitney near the Museum of Contemporary Art in Midtown. Explore the Whitney that was built by lumber baron David Whitney Jr. in 1894. This place in Detroit is highly crowded. A lot of people visit the site to enjoy food every day!

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6. Guardian Building

This attraction in Detroit is the most beautiful and tallest skyscraper. Come to the beautiful Guardian Building which is also known as Detroit’s Cathedral of Finance. This building is a National Historic Landmark in Detroit. You can find this attraction in the downtown constructed in the 1920s. being formerly called the Union Trust Building, this got completed in 1929, the year of the stock market crash. Hence, this Union Trust went bust, however, the building was saved by investors. This building was then renamed the Union Guardian Building. This building is now known as the Guardian Building, which is the Art Deco dream. This building in Detroit has maintained much of its lavish style. You must come here to adorn tile work, mosaics, murals, and stained glass are a feast for the eyes.

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