Everyone knows the fact that credit cards are now no longer a luxury. On the contrary, it is one must-have accessory that you need to have in your wallet. It opens the world of convenience with various discounts, cashback, interest-free periods, and reward points.

Whether self-employed or salaried, you can get the RBL Bank credit card by following some easy steps. These steps include:

Choosing the credit card

Each bank would offer you a dozen credit cards. The cards that you choose would depend on the requirements and usage. Also, you need to select the kind of card that can offer you maximum benefits. For example, some cards are designed for traveling, while you can get many that are designed for business or entertainment. Before you select any card for yourself, you need to check your eligibility for getting that particular credit card. Make sure that you submit the required documents.

Applying for the same

Once you have all the required documents ready in front of you, you can apply for a credit card. The bank generally asks the customer for various identity proofs. Along with that, the individual needs to provide income proof and address proof. But if you are an existing customer, you need not have to apply for any such proof. Instead, you can apply for a credit card either online or by physically visiting the nearest branch of your bank.

Once you opt for the offline mode of application, you need to carry all the needful documents with you. But while you are applying it online mode, you need to keep the scan copy of the documents handy. Most credit cards charge an annual fee. Though it generally waives off whenever you achieve a particular limit of expense in one single year. This annual fee would get included in the monthly statement of your credit card bill.

The processing and verification

After submitting the documents, the bank tends to start the process of verification. First, it verifies the authenticity of the document. After they go through the documents, the bank authority can call you to provide the references you have provided in your application. The bank may also approach your employer to check the correctness of the various details. The bank will expedite the verification process if the individual operates any loan or salary account with that bank.

Final check

After going to the credit score and the verification process of the documents, the bank will perform a final check of the various documents. The bank does it before taking any call on the acceptance of the rejection of the application form. If the bank tends to accept the application, they will set up a credit limit based on the income structure and the person’s credit score. Therefore, the individual would be intimated about the acceptance and approval of the credit card. However, if the bank finds any issues in the process of application, then it has all the right to reject your application.

Approval of the credit card

The bank requires at least 10 days to 15 days to complete the process from the date of submission to the approval period. Moreover, it depends on the card type. The submitted documents also play a major role for you to get the approval of your credit card.

Getting the approval of a credit card is not at all a difficult process. For instance, if you have all the documents and are creditworthy, you can receive the credit card without any hesitation. Once the card gets approved, you should repay the outstanding balance regularly.

If you keep it rolling, then it might put you into big trouble. However, if you want to apply for the RBL Bank credit card, you should go to the desired website and click on the RBL credit card login option to get started.

Activating the card

After the approval of your credit card, the bank will dispatch it to your communication address. You need to sign for the card during the time it gets delivered to you. During that period, you need to show some identity proof. The bank will courier the personal identification number for the PIN to you separately. Then, the card issuer will send the green pin to your registered mobile number.

This pain will help to authenticate to get any transaction that you do on your credit card. Once you get the PIN and the credit card, you can change the PIN to any nearest ATM booth. You can set any pin according to your choice. Once you finish this process, you become a new credit cardholder. A credit card helps you to go shopping without limiting your purpose.

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