Call Masking_ What is Number Masking and Why Use it

number masking

Consumers are concerned about the privacy of their data, and they don’t wish to share certain information with businesses and brands for fear of being hacked and having data breaches. To protect customer privacy and avoid such a mess, call masking is utilized.

What is called masking?

Call masking is also known as number masking or phone number masking. It is one of the most effective ways to keep the customer’s privacy and identity safe without exposing their personal data. Yes, it allows two-way communication between you and your customers without revealing their phone numbers.

What are masked phone numbers?

Masked phone numbers are also called proxy numbers, anonymized numbers, or cloaked numbers. Basically, it hides the private phone number and forwards the call to the intended destination. Sharing your private number can sometimes cause friction, so you must keep your number private if that is the case.

Why is call masking important?

It is common knowledge that businesses without telephone answering services will miss phone calls, so if you think that you do not need a call masking solution, think again. Routing Mobile’s call masking solution automatically increases long-term customer loyalty and enhances the customer experience. As the phone calls are done through Knowlarity Mobile’s server, and end-to-end encryption is used, the customer’s data is also protected across interactions.

How does number masking work?

Using call masking, customers’ privacy is protected and the number remains anonymous. Suppose a customer calls someone else through your business application and you don’t want them to know each other’s number; then the number is masked using call masking software.

Benefits of Phone Number Masking:-

Enable secure interactions: –

Many customers are concerned about their private data getting misplaced or misused by companies. With Knowlarity Mobile’s Call Masking solutions, customers can have a secured interaction with a brand that closes all the vulnerable loopholes they feel.

Active Customer Engagement: –

Since customers are uncomfortable sharing their personal numbers, call masking by the brand becomes handy at that time. In addition, it increases the value of the brand among the customers. Gaining the trust of customers is crucial to attracting potential clients.

Real-time Data Insights: –

A single solution is capable of sharing a lot of real-time insights about your customers. Using this, you can gain insight into the performance of the agents as well as the data and analytics for optimizing your service. As a result, all communication requirements are met at minimal costs, allowing you to indirectly save money.

How is call masking different from a virtual number?

There is a fundamental difference between virtual numbers and call masking, which is the fact that the former is done temporarily and the latter is permanent. It is possible to reuse the call masked number over and over again, but the virtual number serves to curb long-distance calls and to provide a local touchpoint.

Use cases for Call Masking:-

The following is a list of some of the use cases for call masking in various industries.

Ecommerce: –

In Ecommerce, call masking is often used to track leads for delivery services and online shopping portals.

Healthcare: –

With all the consultations going on calls, video calls, and messaging, the doctors also feel that they might get overwhelmed with calls. Some doctors have started to use call masking solutions that allow patients to call their doctors directly and have voice consultations with them.

Ride-Sharing: –

When we book on a ride-sharing app, the time to connect with the driver and tell him the exact location is usually when we call him.

For brands, call masking is a must-have solution for maintaining customer privacy and maintaining customer engagement. Knowlarity Mobile’s Call Masking solution helps protect both brand’s and customers’ identities.

Top Benefits of Call Masking

Quality Control

Maintaining your records and analyzing all your conversations is easier with call masking.


The issue of privacy has been ongoing throughout history. It is here that call masking becomes useful.


Call masking also helps ensure instant communication. This benefits the customers as they can contact the business instantly and resolve their issues.


The purpose of call masking is to improve and enhance customer loyalty.


You can have secure transactions with call masking. During a telephone call, information is only exchanged through your business. This prevents personal transactions from taking place.

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