Doodle for Google: The Dream Contest of Every Artist Is Back

Doodle 4 Google

Doodle for Google, also written as Doodle4Google, is an international competition held by Google every year in various countries. The task is to create a unique doodle that will be displayed on Google’s homepage for a day on any special occasion. This competition is held every year and this year was its 13th anniversary.

The participants who are students of kindergarten up to grade 12 are given a theme under which the artist has to curate a unique doodle.

“Hola Artists! Doodle4Google has come to pick you up to the artist’s land. So, pack your bag and enjoy the adventure.”

 Doodle for Google is back yet again for the 13th time with tons of excitement for all the young artists out there. If you are one of the champs who want to show their inner strength through their art, Doodle for Google is the right platform for you.

You know Google is your best friend when it answers all your queries in less than a second, but a worthy friend endorses your talents and cheers you up when you deserve it. And Google even stands out in that also.

Doodle for Google: Why should you contest?

There is no way you can defy the power of Google. We live in a world where Google knows us more than our own family, and if we can use Google to tell people our inner strength through our talent and get exciting rewards in return, what is the problem?

Doodle for Google is a fantastic platform for parents to motivate their artist kid to showcase his talent. Every year more than 100 kids win exciting rewards and scholarships.

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