Imagine a situation where you are driving down on the highway and you have to make a sudden turn. In the process, pieces of debris fly out from the truck and hit your windshield. This is a common scenario for people who drive regularly on highways and congested roads. In case your auto glass gets damaged, you might want to get it repaired or replaced. Here are some guidelines in case you go for auto glass repair in Bixby.

Assessment of the crack

Whether a crack on your auto glass can be repaired will depend upon three factors-

  • Length of the crack
  • Location
  • Depth of the crack

You need to understand that the most dangerous areas to crack on your auto glass are the ones that are in your line of sight or around the glass edges. If the crack is a few inches long on the driver’s side, you will have to install new auto glass. Small cracks or chips that are deep may not be fixed. If the crack is significant, you need to get help from a reliable auto glass repair Bixby service provider. If you are unsure about the intensity of the crack, a professional will guide you. He will prioritize safety and sustainability over aesthetics.

Always remember that the longer you will wait to seek a professional opinion, the worse the damage can become. Given below are some reasons why the auto glass cracks.

  1. Debris on road- Debris on road is the most common cause of auto glass damage. The auto glass can get damaged due to flying gravel, wood chips, and rocks on the road. You should regularly check the auto glass for imperfections because some chips are so small that you might end up ignoring them.
  2. Improper installation- If the auto glass is well-fitted, it is less likely to crack, even under the stress of flying debris on road. But in case there are small gaps, your auto glass will deteriorate quickly.
  3. When the construction of the glass is weak- Car manufacturers tend to put poorly constructed windshields. If you think the auto glass is wavy or uneven, it means that it is defective. This type of auto glass is more vulnerable to crack.
  4. Damage due to environmental factors- Environmental factors like tornadoes, hail storms, hurricanes, etc. can cause the auto glass to get damaged. A good way to protect your car in such situations s by covering it with a car cover and avoiding parking under the trees.
  5. Temperature changes- If you frequently use a defroster or heater in extreme weather, it can cause small cracks on your windshield. Due to temperature changes, your windshield expands and contracts unevenly, causing the windshield to crack.

Positives and negatives of DIY auto glass repair

You can find a DIY auto glass repair kit easily in the market. These kits are affordable but that doesn’t mean that you can fix a busted auto glass yourself. If you try to repair the auto glass yourself, you will end up compromising your vehicle warranty and you might have to pay extra for the additional damage you will make. Overall, it has been noticed that hiring a professional to fix your auto glass is a cheaper and more viable option in the long run. A few reasons why you should take help from a professional in case of a cracked windshield are-

  • A professional guides you well and comes up with the best solution depending upon the condition of your vehicle.
  • He might get all the expenses covered under the insurance policy.
  • If there are any defects near the windshield wipers, they should always be repaired by an expert because otherwise, the driver’s life is at risk.

To conclude

If you drive often on highways or unpaved roads, your auto glass is more likely to get damaged. You shouldn’t also forget the rear windshield. Most people overlook it, but you might not be aware that this area is also vulnerable to chips and cracks. Whenever you feel that the auto glass is not acting well, you can look for a good auto garage in Bixby to take professional advice. Taking help from a glass repair company will help you prevent a small problem to become a major issue in the future. In case you are not sure about the extent of the damage, get in touch with an experienced service provider. He will decide whether or not a crack can be repaired. He will not leave even a tiny imperfection on the auto glass unattended. The best auto glass repair Bixby service providers have years of experience installing and repairing auto glasses. So, don’t try to fix the damage on the auto glass yourself because you might end up making the situation worse.

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