Follow This Simple Mango Cake Design Recipe for Tonight’s Dessert

simple mango cake design

Mango is loved by everyone in all its avatars. You can have it in the form of a thick shake, mousse, jam, or cheesecake. All mango desserts not only go in the stomach but straight into the hearts too. in case you want to try the best of this fruit, here is the simple mango cake design recipe that you can try at home.

Ingredients that you need

To make a mango cake, you need-

• 1 cup- All-purpose flour
• ½ tsp- Baking powder
• ½ cup- Sugar
• ½ cup- Mango pulp
• ¼ cup- Refined oil
• ¼ cup- Milk
• 1 tsp- Vinegar

Method to make the cake

• This simple mango cake design recipe starts by taking ½ cup each of sugar as well as mango pulp. You have to mix both these ingredients and grind well. You can then transfer the mixture into a bowl.

• Now add ¼ cup of refined oil to this mixture along with a teaspoon of vinegar and mix everything well.
• In the next step, you have to place a strainer on the top of the same bowl and sieve the dry ingredients like baking powder and all-purpose flour.
• Now fold the mixture using a spatula and later add ¼ cup of milk so that the consistency of the batter is maintained.
• You have to now grease a cake tin with butter and dust a little all-purpose flour over it. Now transfer the cake batter and microwave it for 30 minutes at somewhere around 160-degree Celsius.
• Now you can allow the cake to cool down and de-mould it.

Garnishing tip

For a beautiful look, you can garnish this mango cake with small mango chunks and even dust some sugar powder on the top of it.

Other tips for making mango cake

Other tips for making a mango cake include-

• Avoid mangoes with browning or soft spots. Pick up fresh ripe mangoes.
• You have to mix the batter just right because overmixing can cause gluten overdevelopment which can further result in a tough and rubbery texture.
• You can give this cake a new shape but pouring your batter into a muffin tin. Remember to adjust the temperature according to your baking vessel.
• In case you want to add some tanginess to the cake, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice.
• Allow your cake to cool down before spreading any frosting.

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To Sum It Up

This potassium-rich fruit is the ultimate summertime treat. You can easily follow this simple mango cake design recipe as the tasty conclusion to a brunch or dinner party. Kids really love mangoes so you can make them try this tasty mango cake. You can even make this cake healthy by taking wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour. There are different kinds of mango cakes like sponge cake, mango cheesecake, mango pound cake, mango ice cream cake, etc. You can just try the simple recipe of mango cake to begin with and then later raise your bar. You can even check out the Abouther website in case you want to get another great recipe for a mango cake.

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