Genuine reviews of best IoT platforms of 2022


IoT solutions contain many sensors as a bundle of many technologies. Many companies and organisations prefer to buy them to resolve issues in their companies. Companies chose to perceive their business as coagulation of a value generation machine that thrives and transitions, rather than not a stagnant revenue surge. They frequently evaluate their strengths, the technologies that are being expanded and the needs of the market. Rather, they find the few spots where the three pass each other. IoT solutions and platforms have also proven very well to have added value in businesses.

These IoT solutions encompass IoT device designers, software developers, product manufacturers for the creation of Internet of things ideas including software platforms.


IoT solutions created networks for IoT devices and curtains any complexity that might come in the way. This way it ensures the efficiency of devices and also drives innovations across industries and helps them to achieve their IoT goals without any obstacles. With real-time location information, auctions and dealerships can track cars through different stages in their prices to identify inefficiencies and trigger alerts if a car is in a given area for a strangely long time. Trigger alerts if a car is taken off the property, to prevent theft and robbery. Automatically optimize routing when moving vehicles to prepare them for auction n. Provide a web app to their end-customers to find cars on their own. It can also make proper use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to help and make the process of data collection easier as well as dynamic.

Some typically recognized industries to assign IoT solutions are manufacturing and transportation. These industries provide the use of sensors and software that allows IoT to operate with ultimate potency.


An IoT platform is a combination of components that allow developers to spread out the applications, remotely collect data, securitize connectivity, and execute sensor management. An IoT platform also manages the connectivity of devices and further allows the developers to build new forms of mobile software applications.


1. Google Cloud IoT

Internet of things platform was launched by google which was based on an end to end google cloud platform.

In the contemporary scenario, it is one of the world’s most famous Internet of Things platforms. Google Cloud IoT is a mixture of various services that add value to connected solutions.

It allows you to apprehend or capture the device data. A component of the device manager is used to register devices with service and monitor, configuring them. The bridges of MQTT and HTTP protocol bridges are utilized for the connection of devices and communication with the Google cloud platform. MQTT is a publish/subscribe protocol that is used by IoT devices to communicate with one another. It stands for “Messaging Queuing Telemetry Transport” and it operates on restricted low bandwidth networks and the ones with high latency. MQTT runs on TCP/IP, and in any order, bidirectional connections can support it easily and conveniently. The data that is sent over the network through MQTT protocol is strictly application-specific.

The core features of google cloud IoT are AI and machine learning capabilities, Real-time data analysis, Strong data visualization, Location tracking. Its core use cases are Predictive maintenance, Real-time asset tracking, Logistics and supply chain management, smart cities and buildings.

2. Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

The Cisco Internet of things cloud connect is an offer to mobile operators. Cisco provides reasonable IoT hardware, it includes switches, access points, routers, gateways and so on. It offers features such as Powerful industrial solutions, High-level security, Edge computing, Centralized connectivity and data management. Its core use cases are Connected cars, Fleet management, Home security and automation, Payment and POS solutions, Predictive maintenance, Industrial networking, Smart meters and Healthcare.

3. IRI Voracity

IRI Voracity provides an all-in-one data management platform. It enables internet of things data to control at all stages of our business processes. The core use cases are Big Data analytics, ETL modernization, Data governance.


Examples of IoT solution applications include smart home systems like Amazon Echo and even smartwatches for that matter. A very prominent mention can be Fitbit. IoT platform is a multi-layered form of technology that allows straightforward provisioning, management, and automation of devices that are connected within the universe of the Internet of Things. It is usually referred to as a cloud enablement platform or an IoT enablement platform to underpin the majority of its business value, empowering standard devices with cloud-based applications.

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