In recent years, many smokers have shifted from cigarettes to vaping for health reasons. However, for many individuals, vaping does not function as a replacement for cigarettes since it does not deliver a true smoking experience and the taste is significantly different from tobacco. As a result, a few firms undertake attempts to manufacture a new type of product that is similar to cigarettes but does less harm. IQOS released a new product dubbed heat-not-burn in 2014, which is a gadget that heats the tobacco stick rather than burning it to produce vapour and smoke. Since then, a variety of heated tobacco products manufactured by various corporations have reached the market.

What Exactly Are Heat sticks?

Heat stick is a cigarette-like stick with a filter that is heated at approximately 300 degrees Celsius by a heating device like IQOS to generate tobacco-flavoured nicotine vapour. Heat sticks enable users to enjoy and simulate the sensation of smoking a cigarette without inhaling hazardous combusted tobacco. Some types of tobacco-free heat sticks have grown in popularity in recent years, and Fiit heat sticks are among them. These herbal heat sticks are fully free of tobacco and contain no tar; their nicotine is produced from organic plants and fibre rather than tobacco leaf.

How Do You Use Heat sticks?

People like the IQOS because of the Heat sticks. It’s almost as if it’s the major element in the device’s performance. To utilise this device, you must first remove the rounded covering lid from the holder. Insert one heat stick into the place where the blade is.

The blade is in charge of ensuring that the stick is heated enough to release the flavours. Continue by clicking the holder to turn it on. It will display a colour code to signify that it is getting ready to start up. When turned on, it will remain active for six minutes, during which time you can take up to 14 puffs before it turns off.

Why Should You Use Heat sticks?

As previously stated, the heat sticks are heated rather than ignited, resulting in no dangerous combusted substances. It is used and tastes the same as tobacco, but with far fewer risks. Unlike cigarettes, heat sticks have no odour or ash, no tobacco residue on your teeth, and no tobacco odour on your hair or fingertips.

The most significant advantage of heat stick, particularly Fiit Heatsticks, is that it offers a healthier and safer smoking option to people who wish to quit tobacco but still enjoy the sensation of smoking. Heat sticks are worth a try for individuals who have tried vaping but feel something is lacking.


They are suitable for persons who dislike the stench of smoking.

They emit a smokeless vapour that does not cause alarm.

They are extremely transportable and may be taken wherever you wish to go.

They are appropriate for persons who want to quit smoking cigarettes.

When your device is fully charged, they may offer more puffs.


The heat stick is an excellent option for folks who want to quit smoking without inhaling smoke from vaping. The heated tobacco produces the same high without harming your lungs or throat. These heets are powerful and last the same length of time as a cigarette. If you don’t enjoy intense smoking, there are milder tastes available.

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