How Bad is Tartar for Oral health?

Oral health needs utmost care, yet somehow often goes neglected. Maintaining good health overall starts with having good oral hygiene. Your mouth becomes the primary breeding ground for germs and bacteria if you don’t take good care of it.

When you wake up in the morning, you probably have noticed a slimy white layer that forms on your teeth or gums- plaque. When this layer isn’t thoroughly brushed and cleaned, it accumulates and hardens over time, thus forming tartar.

Oral Problems Due To Tartar

Preventing tartar buildup is essential as it may give rise to numerous oral problems. Having tartar buildup on your teeth or gums makes it challenging to brush your teeth properly. This, in turn, gives rise to issues like cavities and tooth decay, along with gum problems like bleeding and gingivitis.

If you love running on caffeine, you’re also likely to stain your teeth in the long run. Having stained or discolored teeth is another oral problem you don’t want to deal with. Since tartar makes brushing or flossing difficult, the bacteria multiply in your mouth, and this causes Halitosis or bad breath. Often, the primary sign of bad oral health is Halitosis, and not taking measures in time can cause further issues. If you have bleeding gums, it is probably due to tartar buildup. When tartar on the gums goes untreated for a long time, it causes Periodontitis or Gum disease, which makes the insides of your mouth extremely uncomfortable.

How To Avoid Tartar Buildup?

As severe as oral problems are, you can take timely measures and maintain optimal oral health by using good toothpaste and following healthy oral hygiene habits. A few ways to prevent tartar buildup are-

  1. Regular brushing

Brushing twice a day is something we have been learning since childhood. And rightly so, regular brushing in the mornings and at night is essential to dispose of numerous oral problems. Ensure that you use good toothpaste and brushes with bristles that suit your teeth and age and keep your mouth healthy.

  • Clean interdental spaces

We often forget or neglect to floss. However, flossing is as important as brushing. Usually, when the toothbrush’s bristles do not reach interdental spaces, food can get stuck and multiply germs. Flossing ensures complete cleanup of the mouth.

  • Using an antibacterial mouthwash

Using an antibacterial mouthwash is super important to continue having fresh, good breath all day long. Once you’re done brushing, rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash and reduce the chances of breeding germs!

  • Using a tartar control toothpaste

A good tartar control toothpaste from brands like Colgate helps you maintain optimal oral health. Your enamel will repair and fight off the bacteria with its ingredients like fluoride and triclosan. Once you get the tartar buildup under control, you can work on eliminating and preventing it altogether.

Taking care of your oral health does not have to be taxing if you use the right dental products from trusted brands. Follow healthy oral habits, and your dentist will surely be proud of you!

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