How do you choose Wedding artificial jewellery that fits your Round- Face Shape?

This blog will discuss different types of bridal artificial jewellery, current trends, and how to pick the ideal pieces to match your wedding dress and personal style. Whether you’re looking for traditional, vintage, or modern jewelry. We can provide you with professional guidance and ideas to help make your special day even more lovely.

If kundan wedding jewellery is absent, a bride’s appearance loses its focal point. Her face and bridal attire are highlighted by the bridal ethnic jewellery set

5 Bridal artificial jewellery for Round Shaped Faces :

Not all imitation jewellery set will look good on brides’ round faces! Learn more about how to dress up round faces with bridal artificial jewellery for the big wedding day from the information below.

1. Nose Rings 

It can be difficult to find the ideal pair of nose pins, nose rings, or an Indian Nath. It has been advised to rigorously avoid wearing round-nose pins. Choose nose rings with an arched shape or half-hoops to make your face appear compressed and ideal for a wedding night. Always remember to pick up an adornment hanging from your nose ring or extended earring to offer your face a brighter appearance.

2. Ethnic artificial jewellery necklace for Brides

A bridal kundan jewellery set or V/U-shaped artificial necklace looks best on those with round faces. It reaches the base of your neck. What should you keep away from? Avoid wearing circular jewelry, such as chokers and necklaces that extend above the collarbone. Your round face may appear fatter and wider.

3. Maang Tikka

To avoid seeming chubby, wear maang tikkas with straight points. Choose a maang tikka that resembles a pendant made of a single thread. Wearing a headpiece with an original design is the best tactic a bride with a round face can utilize. We favor artwork made of Kundan stone or a particular design, such as a Crescent Maang tikka or a Chand Maang tikka. To add a touch of nobility to your appearance, you can also select a one-tier matha patti or a hairline hugger. Not only will it draw everyone’s attention to you, but it will also make you seem trim for your wedding.

4. Oversized artificial jewellery

The oversized kundan dulhan jewellery set draws attention away from the round face structure and enhances the appearance of the round face. To add overall elegance, try wearing a variety of large artificial jewellery pieces that match your skin tone and bridal attire.

5. Earrings Jewellery

Your bridal attire looks fantastic just with earrings. For balance, I like longer earrings because round faces require edged, skinny jewelry. Use long vertically shaped chandeliers, polki earrings, Indian artificial jhumkas, AD kundan earrings, or kundan earrings in a design that flatters your round face.

6.Mang Tika and jhumki

The Indian cultural Jumkaas, which are gray-black, are one item that every woman should own. Also, including it with the Mang tikka is like adding the cherry on top. Use this combination for the upcoming holiday season. You should believe that it will always be fashionable. When paired with Indian Kurtis and suits, it looks magnificent and gorgeous.

7. Pendant in heart shape

The pendant gives you a sultry and elegant appearance. Simple artificial jewellery, such as a pendant, would create the ideal balance for clothing with a lot of patterns. It improves your self-assurance and bold appearance.

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Why Choose Swarajshop for artificial jewellery set for round-face?

A set with a maang tika, earrings, and a necklace is appropriate if you have a round face. Choose a maang tika that is straight, narrow, and possibly has a motif of drops. Moreover, choose drop or dangling earrings to make your round face appear longer. Wear a necklace as opposed to a choker, though. If you’re the bride, a collar necklace can be worn alone or paired with other necklaces for a fuller effect.
Ideally, you can select from our selection of Mehandi/Gold/Rhodium-plated alloy-plated best-fashionable traditional pearl kundan set. On your “BIG DAY,” dress to flatter your round face type and contrast your jewelry with it. Shop from Swarajshop, they are the best imitation jewellery set.

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