How to get Srilankan Visa from the USA?

Srilanka is one of the most beautiful countries around the world, it is a small island in Ireland. The country is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean and surrounded by water. Visa for Sri Lanka from USA is easy to get, as it can be processed in less than 24 hours if you want the visa in an emergency. This mode of getting a visa is called the fast rush hour processing. For this kind of visa you need to submit an extra processing fee, for this US Sri Lanka visa, you need to submit a processing fee of $ 103.75. You can get the visa in less than 24 hours if you are going for this mode of processing. The Sri Lanka government is always trying to make the procedure of getting the Srilankan visa easy.

It is better to work out the type of Visa to Sri Lanka from USA, once you have submitted one kind of visa. You can use it for that specific purpose. For example, if you have applied for a tourist visa then you can use it for the tourism purpose, not for any kind of another purpose like the business in the country. If you’re fond of doing such kind activities, Then you would face legal consequences or penalties. So it is better to decide the purpose of your visit to the country, before applying for the Visa for Sri Lanka from USA.

In this article, we are discussing the procedure of getting the Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens:

The documents required for the Srilankan visa:

These are some of the most basic documents required for the Srialnakan visa. You need to submit these documents online, as the whole procedure has been made online for the convenience of the applicants. These documents include, and are as follows:

The passport of the applicant:

 The applicants have to submit their personal passports and scanned copies of eh informational pages. You need to submit a passport more than 6 months after the expiry of the passport. The main reason for this requirement is due to the fact the Sri Lanka visa for US Citizens is issued for 6 months. So it is quite necessary to provide a passport which is remaining more than 6 months in its expiry. If you are providing a passport, which is near to expiry, then this can be a delaying reason for the issuance of your passport. So it is quite necessary to provide a valid passport to get the  Visa for Sri Lanka from USA.

The personal information format: 

Most of the applicants are providing the information in the opposite format, which is used in the official documents. It is quite necessary to provide the personal information and the residential address in the same format as it was appearing on your personal documents like passport. In your passport, if your “Surname ” is appearing at the first then you also have to provide the Name in the same format. If you have changed your residential address, which is appearing on the passport, then clarify it when you are applying for the Visa to Sri Lanka from USA 

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