Know The Top 5 Pros And Cons Of AutoCAD Course

AutoCAD is a well-known software for drawing, planning, and editing 3D and 2D designs. It is software which was introduced in 1977-79 by using CAD software which was developed by JohnWalker. It is an easily approachable course that helps the designer to make a simple and immediate design process. It is the best tool that serves the drawing and drafting tool to enhance features with various designs. It has enhanced features and user interface designs. It is the tool that is used in various drawings, designs, presentations, graphs, and many other options offered to the students.

autocad training

If you are looking for a top AutoCAD course then you must choose Ducat as it is one of the best options chosen by the students where they have proper training of theoretical and practical knowledge of each subject. We have experienced teaching staff who focus on live project training. It is the institute that offers a 100% job guarantee to the students who will pursue the AutoCAD course. Before enrolling yourself on a course , students must know about the advantages and disadvantages of the course.

Reasons To Study AutoCAD Training

Studying AutoCAD training is advantageous as they support a powerful, easier workflow and give many benefits of studying AutoCAD. Here I have discussed reasons to study AutoCAD course online offer many benefits which are as follows:

• It is an accurate and error-free copy.
• Save time and money.
• It is easier to transfer the data.
• It allows the creation of a manufacturing database.
• Easier to export and import files.

It is one of the best career options chosen by students with better technical skills and proper experience. There are some major job profile options which include mechanical engineer, fashion designer, civil engineer, interior designer, electric engineer and many other job options.

Pros & Cons Of AutoCAD


Time-Saving: It is a software that has taken designing to the next level where AutoCAD training helps in learning the best knowledge to the student. It has the best easy access to complex designs in very little time so it gives more output and increased productivity.

Work In 2D & 3D Space: You can easily 3D images which are easier to create a model which works faster rather than hand. It also works with 2D designs also.

Flexible Tool: It is a flexible tool that is aided in computer design which helps in the ability to increase the base through programming. It can be easily printed and sent to multiple users. It allows reuse and modification of the design.

Drafting Tool: It is software that consists of a drafting tool and is used in generating geometric dimensions, symbols, logos, mechanical symbols, and texture symbols. It gives the best design with 3D or 2D effects.

Accurate Measures And Details: It is a tool that is popularly known for its accuracy. It has detailing of each segment and is error-free so it has the best chance to get ideas with perfect detailing of each object.


Expensive Application: It is software that can be expensive and give the initial cost of application. It has a distinct cost of hardware, software, and later training. While AutoCAD training students must require a PC to practise either skill.

Limited File Formats: It has a limited number of file formats where you can easily import and export. It is difficult for many images or designs to export as they have been exported from one to another the effects and colour has been lost.

Freely Edit Lines And Location: When it comes to overlapping lines or editing it has limited offers with few options provided in the tool. It does not allow creating drawings from the models or drawing is made by line only.

Limit The Number Of Colour: AutoCAD has 256 colours with several textures which means that many times you will not be able to come up with realistic images with the illustrator programs. It may give changes from the original look.

Needs Professional Training: AutoCAD is the course that requires proper training to get experts in the field. While it commits many features which is time taking to give the best feature.

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