Moon Peak Expedition

Moon Peak Expedition is a popular climbing and trekking experience in Himachal Pradesh, India. The peak is located in the Pabbar Valley and stands at a creation of,380  measures above  ocean  position. The  rise to Moon Peak is a  relatively  gruelling  experience and requires a moderate  position of physical fitness and abidance. There’s a step- by- step  companion to Moon Peak Expedition

Getting There  

The closest  city to Moon Peak is Shimla, which is well- connected to all major  metropolises in India via air, rail, and road. From Shimla, you can hire a  hack or take an original  machine to reach the base  campsite of Moon Peak, which is located in the  village of Dofda.  

Base Camp   

The base  campsite for Moon Peak Expedition is set up in Dofda  vill, which is located at an altitude of,900  metres above  ocean  position. The  village is  girdled by  thick  timbers of deodar and oak trees, and you can spot a variety of wildlife then,  involving leopards, black bears, and musk deer. The base  campsite is  seasoned with all  introductory  installations,  involving  canopies, sleeping pokes, food, and water.    


Before starting the  climb, it’s essential to  acclimate yourself to the high altitude. You should give numerous days at the base  campground, hiking around the girding areas, and gradually adding your altitude. This will support your body acclimate to the low oxygen situations and reduce the  trouble of altitude illness.    

Climbing Route   

The climbing  path to Moon Peak is  relatively  gruelling  and involves a  blend of steep ascents and gentle  pitches. The  path starts from Dofda  vill and follows the Pabbar River upstream to the Pandupol Bridge. From there, the  path climbs up through  thick  timbers to reach the Dhunda meadow, which offers  startling views of the  girding  mounts.   

From Dhunda, the  path climbs acutely to the Moon Peak base  campsite, located at an altitude of,800  metres above  ocean  position. The final  rise to the  peak involves crossing a glacier and a steep  rise over rocky  fiefdom.   

Stylish Time to Visit   The stylish time to visit Moon Peak is during the months of May to June and September to November. During these months, the rainfall is  fairly stable, and the skies are clear,  furnishing excellent visibility of the  girding  mounts. The thunderstorm season between July to August should be avoided as the area is apt to landslides and flash  cataracts.   

Physical Fitness and Training   

Climbing Moon Peak requires a moderate  position of physical fitness and abidance. You should start  preparing for the  rise at least a many months in advance by engaging in regular cardio and energy training exercises. You should also exercise by hiking on rough  fiefdom and carrying a  pack to  build your stamina.    

Outfit  needed   

You’ll need to bear a variety of  outfit with you on the  rise,  involving sturdy hiking  thrills, warm apparel, a leakproof  sheath, a resting bag, a  pack, and a trekking pole. You should also bear a first- aid  tackle, a headlamp, and a water cleaner.   

Food and Water   

The base  campsite provides all  reflections,  involving breakfast, lunch, and  regale, as well as snacks and  potables. You should also bear some high-  dynamism snacks and electrolyte tablets with you on the  rise to replenish your  dynamism  situations. Water is accessible at the base  campsite, but you should carry a water cleaner with you to  ensure safe drinking water.   

Safety  preventives   

Moon Peak is a  fairly safe  rise, but you should still take some  security  precautions to minimise the  pitfalls. You should  invariably climb in a group and follow the instructions of your  companion. You should also bear a satellite phone and a GPS device to stay connected and track your  position. In case of an  emergency, you should  incontinently inform your  companion and the base  campsite. You should bear a first- aid  tackle and  see how to  deal with introductory medical treatment in case of injuries or  ails. Altitude illness is a common or garden case among rovers, and you should watch out for symptoms  similar to headaches,  sickness, and dizziness.However, you should  incontinently descend to a  lesser altitude, If you  witness any  similar symptoms.   

Permits and Regulations   

Climbing Moon Peak requires a permit from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, and you should  gain it before starting the  rise. You should also follow all  regulations and regulations set by the authorities and admire the original  tricks and traditions.   


Moon Peak Expedition is an excellent  liberty for adventure  suckers and nature  suckers who want to  witness the  startling  goddess of the Himalayas. With proper medication,  outfit, and guidance, you can make your  rise a memorable and safe experience. Flashback  to take all necessary  security  preventives, follow the  regulations and regulations, and enjoy the  stirring views from the  peak.