No-Parking Board Printing  – The Traditional Outdoor Advertising Media for your Branding needs!

What are No Parking Boards?

No parking boards are plastic and metal sheets generally in the size of 1ft. x 1.5fts or 12inches x 18inches. These boards are printed on various materials like tin sheets and sunpack sheets (plastic flute boards) and installed in residential areas and public spaces.

Many businesses use social messages on top of these boards along with their branding which in turn helps in providing a dual purpose. Social messages like ‘Clean City, Green City’, ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, and ‘No Parking’ are a few options that are commonly used on no parking boards.

No Parking Sign Boards Features

  •  Ideal solution for advertising in a specific locality
  • Cheap and highly responsive media for branding
  • Weather-proof and long-lasting boards
  • Multi-Color attractive advertising designs  
  • Branding along with social messages

How to install No-Parking Boards?

The installation of no parking boards is a quick and easy process. These parking boards are installed in bulk by experienced installers who use a metal wire to install the boards against poles and gates. These no parking sheets are easy to transport as they are lightweight and fairly compact in size. A team of two no-parking board installers can install upwards of 700 boards in a given day.

Benefits of using No Parking Boards

One of the main benefits of using no parking boards is that they are constantly seen by people and by-passers. As parking signage is installed on eye-level this helps in constantly branding and advertising your business in front of your target audience.

Another important benefit of using parking boards is that they do not involve huge costs and prior permissions for installation.

For example, many schools need to advertise in their local area to attract potential students. One of the common ways to advertise in this scenario is to use banners or hoardings but this involves huge costs and requires prior permission. However, no parking boards carry social messages which are mutually beneficial to the property owners and hence do not involve huge costs, rentals, or permissions.

Furthermore, using social messages and colorful attractive designs help greatly in grabbing the attention of your customers. Generally, a 30-70 split is ideal for parking board signage. That means giving 30% space for ‘No Parking’ or other social message and 70% space for branding such as brand name, logo, and contact information.


Parking sign board printing is a proven and effective way of advertising your brand.

These no parking signage get the much-needed attention of your consumers and help in creating a brand presence in a specific local area.

Both sunpack no parking boards and tin parking plates have their own benefits and can be useful in marketing for any kind of business.

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