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After the launch of Instagram reels in 2019, it has become the fastest-growing feature on the most popular social media platform and It has changed the way to post more engaging content on Instagram. The  Instagram reels are the replacement for Tiktok and one can make short video clips by adding effects and music transitions available on Instagram. Millions of users use Instagram reels to create short videos to put their content more effectively among the audiences and resulting in it no longer working properly.

Being the most popular feature of the Instagram reel it doesn’t mean that it is free from errors and bugs. Now users have reported that  Instagram reels not working on their devices.

If you are facing the same issue, go through the post as we have mentioned some more effective and common ways to fix the reels not working issue.

Ways to Troubleshoot Instagram Reels Not working issue

Here are some proven ways to troubleshoot reels not working on Instagram issues.

1. Check your Internet connection

Make sure you are connected with a consistent and speedy internet connection. Slow or interrupted internet connection may be the factor causing the issue.

2. Check the Availability of Reels in your Country

Moreover, before proceeding to other troubleshooting ways, check whether Instagram reels are available in your country or not. In some countries, Instagram has not launched the Instgramm Reels feature and there you can not view reels by any means unless Instagram officially started it in that country.

3. Clear the App Caches

The app stores more unused data on its memory which is called caches and it may be responsible for Instagram reels not working issue. You need to clear all the unwanted caches from your app by navigating to “Settings” > Select Instagram from Apps > Storage and Caches > Clear caches > Clear storage.

4. Update your Instagram App

To view Instagram reels, you need to update the Instagram app as an older version of the app may hinder the opening of Instagram reels. You need to update the latest version of Instagram by visiting any browser and clicking on “Update now. After updating the app log in again to see if the reels are working now.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Instgram app

You can uninstall the app from your device and reinstall it by downloading from the Google play store or App store and installing it again on your device. Now log in with the same user credentials to see whether the Instagram reels are working or not.

6. Log Out from the Instagram app and Login Again

To overcome the issue you can try logging out and then login in again with the same login credentials on Instagram. Some minor glitches may be removed by just doing so.

7. Disable Instagram Data Saver mode 

Data saver mode on Instagram app may be the culprit of Reels not loading on the Instagram issue. You need to turn it off to get rid of the reels not working issue on Instagram.

8. Move to Instagram Lite

If you are using Instagram more often, then you can switch to Instagram Lite which consumes less memory while giving you access to almost all the features of Instagram. You can view Instagram reels on the lighter version of Instagram.

9. Contact the Instagram Support team

If all the aforementioned methods are not working and you are still facing Instagram reels not showing after the update, then you should contact the help support team Instagram to resolve the issue.

So, guys hope you have now got the most common and working ways to fix the Instagram reels not working issue. Must try these and enjoy Instagram reels uninterruptedly.

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