This Is the Top-Quality Circus Bike You’ve Been Looking for

Are you a unicyclist or a performer looking for a new mountain to climb (figuratively, that is)? Perhaps you should consider a giraffe unicycle, a penny farthing, a mini bike – or, even better a clown bike.

If you’re looking for the latter, set a course for Their clown bike (20 inch model) is the definitive bar for quality in the industry.

The Hoppley Circus Bike is one of the most exciting cycles offered by, not the least of which is its downright quality.

This clown bike is made with a steel Hoppley Circus Bike Black round crown mainframe with 40mm stamped maincap bearing housings.

It has a curved steel front handlebar that does not adjust and comes with two 20”x1.75” Innova tires, and singlewall steel rims (20” diameter, 32mm wide). There are steel pegs on the front wheel.

It comes with 2 steel 125mm cotterless crank arms and the bike has cotterless UDC 36H hardened spindles.

It also comes with a Hoppley 22.2x200mm 4-hole straight seat post with a welded rectangular mounting bracket, as well as a black Hoppley saddle. Which will keep you as comfortable as can be as you tackle new tricks.

You’re probably getting the picture here from the repetition of words like “steel,” thrown in amongst “hardened” and “welded.” This is a tough clown bike meant for serious riders.

If you’re getting this bike to learn new tricks or stunts (and you probably are) you can’t afford to skimp on features like these. Without a chain drive and with vastly different ergonomics from most bikes, this is not a long-distance bike. It’s for tricks and stunts.

But with tricks and stunts come no small measure of unplanned dismounts. When you fall out of the saddle, you’re expected to “get right back in it.” It would help if the saddle was as tough as you are.

Well, it is, and so is the rest of the bike. It’s the sort of clown bike that’s clowning around in name only. It’ll hang through the trials of learning tricks and come out shining (albeit with a couple of scuffs, perhaps).

It’s also engineering for versatility. The two wheels on this clown bike rotate completely independently of each other, making it much easier for you to manipulate and control the bike through a wider range of motion.

The pegs on the front wheel are useful for trick riding, too. Either use them yourself or try out trick riding with a brave assistant!

Why You Should Indulge Your Fancy
If you’re thinking about getting a circus bike, this clown bike (20 inch) available at won’t disappoint. But if you’re thinking your itch is more than just a passing fancy, consider the following possibilities.

● Trick riding requires great strength, flexibility, coordination, and stamina. It also requires great willpower and discipline.

● You don’t need to stick to other peoples’ tricks – you can invest your own!

● Mastering this new discipline is simply another skill, which you can transfer to your normal habit of riding a unicycle or bike.

● Plus, it’s just plain fun to entertain a crowd!

Learn More (and Get Safety Gear) at Unicycle
Interested in investigating the other features and functions of this clown bike? Visit and get in touch with their customer service team at 678-494-4962.

Also, if you’re going to take up trick riding, make sure you are prepared with the proper safety gear. You can wear much of what you already wear when riding a bike or unicycle, but expect a few more spills from trick riding.

Always wear a helmet, and it’s a good habit to wear knee, elbow, and shin guards as well as gloves and appropriate footwear.

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