Top 5 Mobile App Features to attract Users in 2022

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Smartphones have become slimmer and sneaky, enough to get lost in pockets and perform your tasks. Innovation is indeed happening rapidly in our tech world. Every other smartphone company is launching different phone versions every month. Each device targets users with specific tastes and needs. Hence, it all matters of one’s preference and perception.


In the same way, applications for smartphones need to be smart. Should include ingenious’ specs that everyone can relate to and feel happy using. Therefore, you need to be cautious when hiring professionals to build your business apps. Ensure to add every feature and gimmick that sways people with excitement, enough to make them click on the download button.


So, look for a reliable mobile app development agency the US and UK clients approve. You can get every tidbit of form factor profile, serviceability, and other perks in it. Besides, we live in times where software houses and professionals provide across-the-board phone app services. Ensure you hire a professional who takes care of the features below. Tell them to push their dexterous limits to their highest soaring skill scores ever. The must-have smartphone features for apps include:


Mobile App Loading Page

Like your house’s guest-embracing entryway, your phone application’s portal should be a breathtaking one. Therefore, hire professionals for mobile app development services US clients and brands approve. Never employ people and digital firms that are only experts in looting your hard-earned money.


Give a mind-blowing surprise to your loyal customers and enthusiast first-time users. The page that people see when they click your app should be flawless and filled with awe-inspiring fascination. The loading page must be dreamlike. It should reflect the whole concept of your brand and what people can expect from the app.


Mobile App Home Page

After the loading page comes to the house’s living room, it’s the first page in your business mobile apps’ scenario. Make sure that’s it’s much better, more engaging, and stunning than the loading screen of the application.


In addition, try to draw multiple blueprints for your mobile app’s main screen. Ensure you add every detail of your business attentively with added effects. Do not miss out on your brand’s primary prerequisites. Of course, be concise when adding information and impression.


Remember, the home screen contains more visuals than your business’s particulars. Provide a 360ᴼ full-view experience to users on the home page. Thus, helping them navigate more easily after perceiving the entire picture of your business. Yes, provide a well-ordered category list of options to them as well.


Mobile App Design Layout

Pick a mobile-first WordPress theme for your mobile app or choose the best website or tool that provides one. Start by developing a hierarchy of options you want to infuse in the app’s design. Next, prioritize its content and visuals. Also, add navigation bars in alphabetical order to help users find the products more easily.


Remember, the apps’ layout should be compatible across Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Avoid adding pop-ups and superfluities that disrupt users’ experience. Thus, keep the design simple and understandable for all age groups. Do not forget to test-run your mobile app across different platforms to ensure everything’s working at optimal.


Mobile App User Interface

Your mobile app’s UI should be a fully functional dashboard with every A-to-Z button and other useful controls. Also, try to make it more interactive by adding different compelling features that enrich the entire maneuvering panel. The user interface should enable users to have full control of the app from the first go.


 Mobile App Colors

Be careful when adding colors to your mobile app. First, do a little research about how hues can harmonize or repel its whole concept. We all know that different colors represent certain emotions and energies. Thus, it’s better to select those tones that complement the main essence of your business. Try using primary colors or mix a few secondary ones to develop unique shades for increasing the app’s stunning looks.



Attracting users to download your mobile app isn’t easy anymore. You must provide them with enticing concepts and groundbreaking features. There should be a solid reason why they should download and use your app and ignore similar ones. Ensure the smartphone application embraces features, push notifications/ alerts, offline mode, and regular updates.

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