Top 7 mobile app development trends that will dominate 2022

mobile app development

We’re all magicians of the avant-garde era. How? Well, gently put your hands in your pocket, grip the gadget, and take it out. Of course, we’re all picturing Harry Potter softly picking the Philosopher’s Stone from his pocket in our minds. But it’s too good to be true that we’ll be able to pull off such a magical piece of rock. Undeniably, we’re stuck in our real lives yet can enjoy mind-bending possibilities via smartphones.

Nonetheless, this mesmerizing device compacts all the digital magic is no less than a spellbinding slab with embed buttons and shiny screens straight out from our dreams. It’s happening, people! Things are getting pretty much getting out of our hands and sliding in the rationalized realm of portable machines. It feels glad to be a part of an era driven by otherworldly technologies. Besides, hiring a reputable mobile app development agency can do wonders for your online business as well.

Seriously, guys, we’re witnessing the world turning sides with unique gadgets on the table. We’re all experiencing incredible technological advances like tongue twisters befalling upon us during festive family gatherings. Subsequently, every street vendor is looking for shortcuts to make their mark on the web. They’re digging the internet to look for reliable mobile app development services online US brands recommend.

Be careful when you do the same, but reading this post will undoubtedly broaden your vision for the up-and-coming smartphone technologies. Below are the biggest mobile trends that will dominate in 2022 and 2023 and beyond!

1. Mobile NFT drawing apps

Yes, it is true! We are about to witness phone applications that will allow users to produce non-fungible tokens on the go. They will be like those mobile camera apps where you snap a photo out of nature or from your hand-drawn work of art. Voila! You will follow a few steps to develop your NFTs.

Besides, these apps will also come with built-in cryptocurrency wallets to keep cash spinning in and out. Of course, there are popular NFT platforms available on the web. OpenSea, Larva Labs, Rarible, NBA Top Shot Marketplace, and Foundation are a few famous names in this regard.

2. Smart Devices

Besides smartphones, intelligent machines collaborate with your phones to create an efficient ecosystem. AI assistants are pretty popular these days. They act as cornerstones for converting your orthodox house settings into streamlined smart homes. Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana are great choices to automate your domiciles with voice commands.

Smart TVs and refrigerators are other noteworthy options that heighten your residential grounds with accessible mobile technologies. Besides, plenty of phone peripherals are available these days. You can use them to expand your phone’s reach and reform your outmoded house chores with convenient far-reaching operations.

3. Blockchain

These are simple blocks of data to store your information on the internet. These small chunks of databases help reconcile your sensitive personal pieces of data stored on cloud web servers. Also, the most significant advantage of blockchain is its decentralized structure. Not forget to mention blockchain technologies are superior to secure your data known for their failsafe internet securities. Other blockchain benefits include reduced costs, data tracking, transparency, and easy user controls.

4. Language learning apps

Yes, can you hear that? Of course, how can you not enlighten your tongue with international phraseologies? Besides, we all know that the eCommerce world ignores races and borders for expanding its reach to make full-scale profits. Popular language learning mobile apps include Duolingo, LinguaLift, Memrise, HelloTalk, Mindsnacks, etc. Remember, you should absorb a few prevalent dialects to use innovative digital technologies for mobile. Good luck!

5. AR/VR mobile applications

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are the two most impressive mobile phone marvels. The former helps us reach our hands further to experience products and services with more intuitive senses. But the latter provides a phenomenal multidimensional experience. You’re able to play a game in an open-world virtual environment from the comforts of your home. Specifically, you can mount a VR headset gear over your eyes and begin shooting and racing cars.

Furthermore, Virtual Reality is also used for simulation learning by the armed forces for training military personnel. We got plenty of options for buying Virtual Reality skull clasps to shift our senses ahead – in the future. Famous ones include Meta’s Facebook Oculus, HTC Vive VR series, and Sony PlayStation VR headgears.

6. Healthcare applications

Mobile phones also assist us with proactive curative measures. Almost every famous hospital has dedicated applications for patients who can download on their phones. It is the primary reason many remedial centers and healthcare institutes seek professional mobile app agencies. From calculating vital signs to track heart disease symptoms to check fever to bacterial presence, wellbeing apps work like magic.

7. Smart watches with apps

Besides phone applications, we also can gear up with other body accessories. The physical attachments have immense brainpower in their little bodies. Smartwatches, for instance, are the most popular types of wearables we can find these days. Almost every fifth person is wearing a smartwatch to track their daily schedules and sound health. Good examples are Mi Smart Band Series, Fitbit, Samsung Galaxy Watch Series, Garmin Forerunner, and Apple Watch Series. The best part is that these wristwatches come with dedicated apps. Thus, helping you personalize your smartwatch as per your preferences.


Whatever the case is, mobile technology trends are spreading fast across different life spectrums. They’re almost acting up every other day. There is a new trend every other day. Practically every popular mobile app has an alternative that provides the same groundbreaking results. It’s like smartphones are working out in a gym with different bodybuilding gears and equipment.

However, some apps dominate others. They work more usefully with handheld gadgets. Smartphones that inherit these applications become more intelligent. Other notable mobile app trends include eCommerce applications, custom-built apps, and cross-platform apps development. But of course, it all depends upon the user and how they use their phones. Therefore, be wise to choose which trend fits your mobile app requirements.

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