What Is a hostel?

Ladies Hostel are notable for their financial plan facilities which comprise four to 12 beds in a similar room. The hostel highlight shared restrooms and are isolated by orientation (lodgings for young ladies/ladies or young men/men), even though you could likewise track down mixed-orientation ladies hostel.

In terms of hostel facilities, Laura is a fully equipped women’s hostel with many essentials such as free Wi-Fi, washing machines, Aravo drinking waters, housekeeping services and more. So if you look at the eco-system that is the most suitable accommodation for you to stay in, we are located in the city but we have built our accommodation so that outside laws do not come in. So make sure to book our Lara Womens hostel in coimbatore now to get full service at affordable rates that will make your stay feel like your home

The beds are extremely basic and are frequently arranged in cots. A few lodgings additionally offer single rooms or, less frequently, hybrid arrangements of single rooms in lofts with shared restrooms and kitchens. The most ideally suited ladies hostel facilities likewise have normal areas like a kitchen, bar, and parlor, as well as a games room and, surprisingly, a pool.

Search for the region you need to be in.

The more costly lodgings will quite often be located in the downtown area, while the ones that will set aside cash can be more expensive. Decide whether you need to be within walking distance of the attractions you want to see or if you don’t mind paying a little more to take the train or other mode of transportation into the city.

If you want to be close to the action and enjoy the nightlife, choose a lodging close to the action. Remember that, assuming you’re excessively near the bars and nightlife, you will most likely be unable to lie down with the commotion at any rate. Ensure that the convenience is in a protected region. Could you feel happy strolling around the area in the evening time? You would rather not jeopardize your health to save a few pounds or dollars on convenience.

Roomy Storage Spaces

Ensure that the ladies hostel has a secure place to store your things. On the off chance that the lodging doesn’t have storage spaces, check whether there is a gathering place where you can leave your identification. Most lodgings have storage spaces in the room, and some are sufficiently large to store your principal knapsack. If you are sharing space with others, you will need to lock your computer and phone away around evening time.

Washroom Facilities

It’s useless to look into a ladies hostel with a solitary washroom shared by up to 10 individuals, particularly if you have a train, plane, or visit to get on in the mornings. It could likewise mean that there may not be hot water left when you take a shower. A few lodgings have ensuite restrooms that are only for the room. Likewise, assume they charge to lease towels. Most incorporate free towels, and some even have cleansers and hair dryers.

Is it agreeable?

Lodgings are one of the most amazing spots to meet others; however, some can be more similar to hotels with just rooms to stay in bed. Lodgings with well-known rooms, rooftop patios, or nurseries are ideal for starting up discussions with outsiders. Search for organized visits, pizza or bar-b-que nights, and bar crawls. If they name any of the above-mentioned, they are probably going to be friendly, and you are ensured to have an organization to spend time with.

Is it clean?

Releasing latrines, messy kitchens, and blood suckers aren’t the things you’re searching for while remaining in a ladies hostel. I’ve remained in certain lodgings that I don’t think ought to try to be available to visitors. These would in general be the least expensive I could set aside at the opportunity, and they are ones that I have recently meandered into. Assuming you’re nearby, request to see the room before you pay for the evening.

Assuming that you’re reserving on the web, my recommendation is to not go for the least expensive but rather for the next higher rate. If you feel awkward sleeping in the cloth provided by the lodging, you can always bring a camping bed liner with you.


A hiker’s most dreaded fear? tracking down a lodging without complimentary wireless internet (in the wake of wheezing flatmates and an absence of clean socks)! Fortunately, we are now in 2018, and it is extremely uncommon to discover lodging without complimentary wireless internet, and a few well-appointed PCs for their visitors to utilize, for example, Sant Jordi Alberg, where you can stay in touch with loved ones through Skype from home.


One of the most troublesome fantasies to bust is that ladies hostel are dishonest spots, where you can turn into the casualty of robbery, and where individual security is essentially incredible. In actuality, lodgings can affirm believe it or not that they have arrived at similar norms of safety as lodgings: 9 residences out of 10 currently have private storage spaces where you can secure your most significant things.

Lara ladies Hostel

Pioneering the best coimbatore girls hostel since 2014, LARA aims to provide a safe girls hostel for every girl. Price wise we charge very low price. We are a best girls hostel for every ordinary girl. If you look around in Coimbatore, you won’t find anywhere else as cheap as our girls hostel. Also, if you look at hostel accommodation, it is very centrally located in the city center and very close to everything like shops, restaurants, colleges, schools, etc.

Advantages of staying our Lara Ladies hostel

  • More convenient to stay your destination like college or working place
  • There are 3 branches we have in Coimbatore
  • 24×7 Safety guarantee and CCTV camera
  • Free wifi and washing machine facility and free Lockers
  • Starting price 5500 for 8 person staying in one room
  • Friendly Staffs
  • Hostel located in main areas in the city
  • Hygiene and healthy foods ( both veg and nonveg available)
  • 8 years of experience in best ladies hostel provider
  • 100+ reviews in google
  • Trusted by 5000+ womens
  • Low cost
  • Less rules and regulations
  • Independent Ladies Hostel
  • Peaceful atmosphere

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